Monday, April 26, 2010

As soon as I heard the sad news about rock star and reality TV celebrity, Bret Michaels, having a massive brain hemorrhage, I instantly thought, "Something Mars, maybe Aries." My second thought was, "No, with all those hats and headscarves, that must be the crown of Leo!"

So, a quick jump from Wikipedia, where his birth date is given as March 15, 1963, to the ephemeris, and we see, of course, he's a Pisces with a Moon in Scorpio. Then, there it was....Mars in Leo on the day of its direct station, which emphasizes the activity of a natal planet! Furthermore, transiting Mars, of course, has been moving over the conjunction to this natal Mars in the last few months of its retrograde movement, probably setting the stage for the occurrence.

With a natal Sun-Jupiter conjunction in Pisces, Michaels must be a lucky guy, and with transiting Jupiter moving over those planets now while he is in emergency care, Providence with him. So, we wish him a healthy recovery.

John Marchesella

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Saturn opposite Uranus: April 26, 2010

We are approaching the 4th Saturn/Uranus opposition in the sky on April 26. It’s time to once again take stock and see how these two planets are trying to raise our consciousness. Saturn is the builder. He wants to keep structures firm and strong. He tests, depending on what house he currently transits, areas of our lives where we need to learn lessons. Some lessons are painful and others are more satisfying depending on whether you’ve been doing your homework or not. His job is to keep the status quo through effort, hard work and discipline. Uranus on the other hand asks where we need to divorce from Saturn’s confining nature and reach out and try things in an unconventional way by taking risks and breaking past the chains that Saturn so firmly wants to hold on to. Uranus wants enlightenment. So by house look at where these two giant energies are falling and see in what area of life you need to get serious by working hard and exerting effort in order to get a payoff in the material world (Saturn) and in the other area where Uranus is sojourning look towards the future and new opportunities that are calling and beckoning you to be more adventurous, free, rebellious and forward seeking. Uranus demands a break from the status quo. The secret is to combine these two diverse energies so that you don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. It is a balancing act to see where we must keep the old forms and make them stronger and where the old forms can welcome new innovative ideas that eventually make a new foundation in our life. And of course don’t forget to see what planets are being aspected by this transiting energy. One more thing, since this opposition is again at the end of the mutable signs we must be processing mentally by thinking and planning what it is we want our reality and future to be. So do your homework and trace back over the past few years beginning on 11/4/08, 2/5/09, 9/15/09 and now 4/26/10. These are the planning stages and while things have definitely been active, especially if you have planets at the late mutable degrees, the action really fires up as we approach 7/26/10; the final opposition of Saturn and Uranus at 0° Aries/Libra smack on the cardinal axis. Have fun!

Joseph Addeo

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Friday, April 2, 2010

Pluto Stations Retrograde on April 6

As Pluto stations retrograde it’s time to resuscitate issues that we thought have been long dead and buried. Honor the past by paying respect to those people, emotions, feelings and thoughts that get under your skin in a relentless and unconscious way. Perhaps we may view these things in a negative light but Pluto demands we get conscious about our addictions, obsessions and paranoia by transcending and transforming them into something greater, more within our conscious control rather than left in the recesses of our memory where it controls us. Or perhaps it really is time to purge and kill things off in one final death blow. It’s all about emotional processing so dive into the abyss and don’t be afraid to face the dark side and come out the other end even stronger. Expressing negativity is much healthier then suppressing it – just find trusting people and environments.

Joseph Addeo