Monday, April 26, 2010

As soon as I heard the sad news about rock star and reality TV celebrity, Bret Michaels, having a massive brain hemorrhage, I instantly thought, "Something Mars, maybe Aries." My second thought was, "No, with all those hats and headscarves, that must be the crown of Leo!"

So, a quick jump from Wikipedia, where his birth date is given as March 15, 1963, to the ephemeris, and we see, of course, he's a Pisces with a Moon in Scorpio. Then, there it was....Mars in Leo on the day of its direct station, which emphasizes the activity of a natal planet! Furthermore, transiting Mars, of course, has been moving over the conjunction to this natal Mars in the last few months of its retrograde movement, probably setting the stage for the occurrence.

With a natal Sun-Jupiter conjunction in Pisces, Michaels must be a lucky guy, and with transiting Jupiter moving over those planets now while he is in emergency care, Providence with him. So, we wish him a healthy recovery.

John Marchesella

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