Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snowiest January EVER!

It’s official. New York City had its snowiest January on record EVER breaking the old record from 1925! Another huge snow storm arrived with a one-two punch on Wednesday, January 26 dumping a total of 19” of snow in Central Park and elsewhere in the northeast with comparable totals – twice the amount the National Weather Service forecast. Why is this happening now? Well, the culprit is Saturn, Saturn and Saturn! The weather people didn’t predict this one right because they are not familiar with our wise old friend Saturn. They were all saying it would only bring 6 to 10 inches of snow and that it would hit quickly and be out of here. On a Saturn station storms stall and slow down. Again, as in the blizzard of Christmas 2010 we had high winds, thunder snow and lightning. The morning of the 26th found the city blanketed with 4” of snow when all predictions said it would be a light dusting early in the day with intensification overnight. Well, the first part of the storm lingered and was much stronger than predicted followed by the second, more intense, wallop overnight which once again crippled the northeast. Nothing is easy on a Saturn station. Think of words like serious, crippling, stalled, stuck, station, struggle, delay, challenge, work, slow down and paralysis. Yes, Saturn is living up to its reputation of bringing people and places to their knees. This storm happened on Mercury’s day while Mercury was at 17° Capricorn ruled by Saturn stationing retrograde in its exaltation sign of Libra at 17° not far off from squaring the solar eclipse degree of January 4 at 14° Capricorn. Now as Saturn retrogrades for the remainder of the winter closer and closer to the eclipse degree I can only foresee a cold, bleak, bitter and frigid winter continuing. Plan ahead!

Joseph Addeo

Monday, January 17, 2011

Astrologer Finds 13th Month in Julian Calendar!!

Amidst all the flap about a thirteenth zodiac sign, Regis K. Downlander, an astrologer, amateur astronomer, and hotel clerk in a suburb of Indianapolis, has discovered a thirteenth month in the Julian year.

“I was working the night shift,” said Mr. Downlander, “and I was just kind of doodling around with a calendar and a calculator, and all of a sudden there it was right in front of me.”

Mr. Downlander sent his findings to to NASA, where astrophysicist Jon Finer had to admit that the astrologer was correct in his calculations. “It’s quite a gaffe for the scientific community,” Dr. Finer said, “First, that little girl finds a supernova, and now this... we really have to get on the ball!”

Although the actual calculations are quite complex, Mr. Downlander explained it in layman’s terms. “You see, there are twelve months in the year, but 365 days, so that means that five days are left over. Then, seven of the months have 31 days, meaning that there are an extra seven days - that makes twelve extra days. Now, we all know days are longer in the summer than the winter, and if you add up the total number of hours, it totals 18 additional days. Bingo! An extra month!”

What to call the new month has been a concern in the scientific community all day. “Since the months September through December are essentially numbered (September means seventh, October means eighth, etc. - Ed), it makes sense to add on another one, but no one seems to know what the Latin word is for ‘eleven,’” said Dr. Finer.

“We thought about adding a number on the front end, before seven (September), but Christian groups were up in arms at the thought of a month named ‘Sextember.’”

Where to place the extra month has also been the cause of considerable debate. Both Major League Baseball and the National Football League have already begun petitioning congress to bring the month into their respective seasons, thereby lengthening them. It appears likely at this point that the powerful National Retailer's Association will demand that the extra month be placed between November and December, thus lengthening the holiday retail season.

People on the street are baffled about all the new changes. “A new zodiac sign, a new month, the world’s going crazy!” said one pedestrian, adding that his employer had warned that no matter how many months there are, there would still be only one week of vacation.

Armand Diaz

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Uranus in Aries

Uranus is winding up its sojourn through Pisces. We’ve had 7 years to awaken our dreams and hidden talents; a chance to break through the haze and mist and find some clarity with which to think about the future. What are your future plans and how can you progress to make your dreams come true? That time is just around the corner as Uranus bursts into the cardinal, fire sign Aries on March 13. It’s time to put into action all that you’ve been dreaming about for the past 7 years. Make new beginnings by facing and conquering fear on your own terms otherwise Uranus has the tendency to breakdown structures in life that are badly outdated without any concern for your feelings. So why not become aware and be somewhat conscious of the roller coaster ride. You’ve had a glimpse of what the new beginnings might be back in June, July and early August 2010 when Uranus just touched 0 degrees Aries. The past few months this powerhouse planet retrograded back into Pisces asking for one more refinement of what it is you want to change. Jupiter conjunct Uranus in the last degrees of Pisces lends confidence to make that leap of faith we all so badly need to make change in our lives. Divorce yourself from the past, learn from it and move forward into new territory. We may not be able to totally eradicate fear but awareness promotes a healthy detachment from it and an eventual love of the new birth and child we create.

Joseph Addeo

Thursday, January 6, 2011

"The Ingress" Winter 2010: Neptune in Pisces

Our winter newsletter ("The Ingress") is focused on the topic of NEPTUNE IN PISCES and includes articles by six local astrologers:

In his article "Surrendering to the Vast Innerworld", Rafael Nasser looks back at Neptune’s origins, and then imagines what life will be like in 2026, when it's all over. You can read his article online here:

Ann Barone also shared her wisdom on Neptune in the article "The Duality of Neptune in Pisces" based on her many experiences with the planet's double-bodied effects.

Monty Renov provided a detailed analysis of the Neptune Ingress, especially in terms of how it relates to the chart of the USA. His article was called "As Neptune Waits in the Wings".

Donna McGarry contributed again to our newsletter, discussing how Neptune in Pisces might affect our media watching habits. Her article "Falling Down the Tubes with Neptune" plays particular emphasis on the rise of reality TV and how this entertainment trend might develop.

John Marchesella wrote a tribute to Pat Morimondo, a longtime NCGR-NYC member who recently passed away and was noted for her contributions to astrological research and for her classic book The Neptune Effect.

Finally, Pattie Canova delved once more into the rich imagery of the Tarot to bring us new perspectives on Neptune and Pisces in her article "To Sleep, Perchance to Dream...".

If you are a New York chapter member of NCGR, you should have already received your newsletter in the mail (find out about membership here:

If you are not a member, you can purchase individual issues of "The Ingress" for $5.00 each or a yearly subscription for $20.00. Contact for more information.

Stephen Fleming
Editor, The Ingress