Monday, December 5, 2011


It has long been known that charts of people still respond to transits and progressions long after the person dies. This is especially true for the famous who lead very event oriented lives in full public view.

On Wednesday, December 7, 2011 at 10am, Doyle New York will auction property from the estate of one of the biggest stars of Hollywood's Golden Age, Joan Crawford. This historic auction offers film memorabilia, MGM Studios contracts and correspondence, publicity stills, jewelry and a selection of luxurious fur coats and wraps. The items have descended in Ms. Crawford's family and are now being offered at auction to her fans worldwide. The items being auctioned were left to one of Ms. Crawford’s younger daughters, not Christina.

Joan Crawford’s birth information: March 23, 1903, 10:00 pm, San Antonio, Texas

Crawford has Scorpio rising with the ruler of the chart Pluto stationed at 17° Gemini in the 8th house. This is an intuitive woman used to dealing with reserves of power, a born negotiator who can be ruthless and has an inherent sense of reinventing herself after traumatic events that take her to hell and back. The phoenix rising from the ashes is a story that is not unfamiliar to Joan Crawford. She has the charismatic power of these placements and people either love or hate her. There is very little middle ground with her. She possesses that all or nothing quality of Scorpio, Pluto and the 8th house. Her career spanned 50 years and she is still a force to be reckoned with. Death has not eclipsed her fame but instead as enhanced it in an odd way as the legend refuses to let go; her mythology continually growing and morphing as time goes by.

Her Sun is at 2° Aries, posited in the 5th house and rules the Midheaven. Her identity is closely linked with her reputation, career, creative self expression and children. That Sun has been under tremendous transits over the past few years. Pluto from Capricorn has transformed her reputation, Saturn from Libra has been re-building it and Uranus in Aries is currently enlightening the public and giving us a new bird’s eye view as to who she really is. Uranus provides a more democratic assessment of her career, identity, talents and accomplishments rather than just viewing her as the monster gorgon that her eldest daughter would like us to believe. In the past year her progressed Sun has entered the 9th house which is a rebirth into the light and seeks a clearer truth and understanding of her identity after at least 30 years buried in the dark and mysterious underground of the 8th where no one knows what the real truth is.

The auction is occurring within days of a Lunar Eclipse at 18° Gemini which is conjunct her natal 8th house Pluto. It also takes place on Uranus station direct conjunct her natal Sun. Uranus rules her very tight Moon/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius. Also, her progressed Moon at 29.39 Capricorn is screaming out in that very anoretic degree way something about her reputation before entering Aquarius giving her a progressed lunar return. Progressed Mercury which rules the 8th house of death, inheritance, money having to do with estates and wills is conjunct natal Neptune at 0° Cancer on the world axis. Neptune rules her natal 5th. Transiting Mercury is retrograde which harkens to something from the past. So it is all meant to come to light right now. And let’s not forget the Solar Eclipse at 2° Sagittarius which took place on November 25 is in exact trine to her natal Sun.

This morning I just watched a video clip of an interview with Michael Hazanavicius and Berenice Bejo director and leading lady of the new hit movie The Artist which has been garnering great reviews and winning numerous awards including Best Picture from the New York Film Critics Circle. In the interview Ms. Bejo says that Joan Crawford, especially in her silent movies, when she was young, warm and full of energy was an inspiration to her when preparing for her role in the current film. Further proof that current astrological transits and progressions to Crawford’s chart are symbolic of reevaluating and resurrecting her reputation as the public is asked once again to reassess this very powerful and complicated woman. Gone, but not forgotten.

Joseph Addeo

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Triggers to the Lunar Eclipse of June 15, 2011 by Joseph Addeo

A major predictive technique in an Astrologer’s handbag is seeing how eclipse degrees hit planets in a client’s chart. Action may not occur at the time of an eclipse but the stage is set for future events usually carrying symbolism of the planet which is being affected by the eclipse (within a 3° orb). The fated event often happens within the next 6 months when the planet, and thereby the eclipse degree, is triggered by hard aspect most often by the planet Mars and the Sun (although if the outer planets are in close proximity pay attention to them as well). Mars is the action principle and the Sun is our purpose.

On July 23, 2011 singer Amy Winehouse died, her body discovered at 3:54 pm London time. Her birth info is as follows: September 14, 1983, London England, 12:00 pm (time unknown). Without doing a natal interpretation we can see by taking a cursory look at her chart that she has an abundance of planets within orb of the lunar eclipse of June 15 that took place at 24° Sagittarius.

Her natal placements are: Sun at 21° Virgo, Mercury retrograde at 23° Virgo, Neptune at 26° Sadge, in a 12:00 noon chart the Moon is at 25° Sadge, the nodes are at 20° Gemini/Sadge (she is currently receiving a reverse nodal return) and finally Venus is retrograde at 23° Leo.

On the day of her death Mars is transiting 22° Gemini in a 2° applying aspect by opposition to the eclipse degree thereby making a hard aspect to all the above mentioned planets and points in her chart. She had a very turbulent life and just seeing that she had a Sun/Mercury conjunction square Neptune and most likely the Moon conjunct Neptune I would imagine living on the practical material plane was not easy for her. Rest in peace Ms. Winehouse.

The same thing occurs in mundane astrology although in this case it is just the eclipse degree being triggered which is of main interest.

The most infamous example in recent times was 9/11. Here we had a solar eclipse on June 21, 2001 at 0° Cancer. This is the world axis which only enhances the notoriety of the event. On 9/11 the planet Mars (action, war, attack, and anger) was transiting 1° Capricorn triggering by opposition the eclipse degree.

Our most recent lunar eclipse occurred on June 15, 2011 at 24° Sagittarius. On July 22 yet again, the angry red planet Mars was at 21° of Gemini in a 3° orb of opposing the lunar eclipse: A terrorist bombing in Oslo, Norway near the prime minister’s office kills 7 and injures 15. Shortly after a man dressed in a police uniform opened fire with a rifle in a 90 minute rampage on a group of young people at a resort island 60 miles north of Oslo killing at least 85 who were there on a camp outing. Police say the two incidents are related.

Also of note, most of the United States is in the midst of a paralyzing, record breaking heat wave with some of the highest temperatures and humidity levels ever recorded. Mars was approaching 20° on July 19 and 20 as the heat wave was massively building up across the midsection of the country and expanding east. This extreme heat is set to break a bit as Mars partiles the eclipse degree by opposition at 24° Gemini on Monday, July 25. In weather prediction Mars is known to produce much heat and dryness.

So do take note of when Mars and the Sun in particular are transiting the eclipse degrees by conjunction, square and opposition as you can count on major events manifesting.

Joseph Addeo

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sex and the Void of Course Moon by Joseph Addeo

With all the outer planets in early degrees of the signs there is an unusual amount of time when the moon is void these days which makes maneuvering this cosmic maze rather tricky when trying to figure out appropriate times to take action or not. Today a client asked me, “Should I not have sex while the void is in progress?” Well, I wouldn’t go that far, and for that matter you can do anything you want on a void moon it’s just a matter of degree. As most of you know a void moon is not ideal for doing anything that requires a major decision, like courting a new business client, or for making a large purchase, like buying a new car or commencing a life altering change like a new job, obtaining a mortgage on a home or getting married. You get the idea. If you go food shopping on a void moon chances are the milk will be sour or the cashier over charges you or something inconsequential like that. The same logic applies when it comes to sex (so using whip cream during sex on a void moon just might make it curdle)!

Seriously, if the moon is void all day and you want to have sex with your spouse, partner or regular sex buddy then by all means go ahead, it will most likely be a very pleasant experience. If you’re out and meet someone for a one night stand that potentially could be fun as well. But if you want the one night stand to develop into a more meaningful relationship chances are the hook up won’t amount to anything. Sex may be great but intimacy will not develop and if it does there would be many obstacles towards achieving the desired intimacy. Let’s take it a step further. If you and your partner decide to experiment with some new sexual experience for the first time (use your imagination) then I wouldn’t recommend that either. Initiating an unexplored sexual activity is best left for when the moon is connecting by aspect to the other planets and the flow of energy is on your side otherwise you won’t benefit from the new experience in the way you would like. That’s not to say you will necessarily enjoy the new activity but trying it out on the void moon is almost a guarantee that it won’t go according to plan so why not give you and your partner every opportunity for success by waiting for the moon to be relating to the other planets so that your chances of relating succeed.

Sex is one of the greatest joys in life and as that great sexual negotiator, Joan Crawford, famously said, “I need sex for a clear complexion but I’d rather do it for love”. After all she has Scorpio rising with Mars in Libra in the 11th (that clear complexion) and Pluto in Gemini in the 8th (the passion of intimacy). So the next time when having sex on the void moon think of it as good for a clear complexion but not for furthering passion, love and romance.

Joseph Addeo

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Schwarzenegger, Shriver, Scorpio, Secrets and Skeletons by Joseph Addeo

On May 9, 2011 Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver announced their separation after 25 years of marriage. There was much speculation but most every one, the media included, seems to have believed it was a mutual parting of the ways that inevitably happens to many couples after a long and fruitful marriage. Then along comes the Scorpio full moon, long known to be one of the most emotionally volatile of the year and in the case of Arnold and Maria quite living up to its notorious reputation for releasing long hidden secrets and skeletons that have been buried deep in the recesses of the past.

The Scorpio full moon occurred this morning, May 17 at 7:09 EDT ushering in a summer eclipse season including two solar and one lunar. Shortly after I turned on the Today show to the stunning news that Arnold Schwarzenegger had fathered a child with a long term member of their household staff more than a decade ago, before taking office as the Governor of California; undoubtedly one of the main reasons for the marital split. The as of yet unidentified woman worked for the Schwarzenegger's more than 20 years and had told people that her then husband had fathered the child. Clearly she and Arnold were most likely the only two people to know about this secret and obviously kept their lips zipped. Being a household staffer for 20 years she must have held many close confidences with Maria Shriver making this shocking revelation doubly devastating to her. Talk about the sting of Scorpionic betrayal, deception and rage and the issues of trust that have been breached. That it all was revealed on the morning of the full moon almost to the minute of culmination is astrologically fascinating.

Via Lois Rodden Schwarzenegger’s birth info is: July 30, 1947, 4:10 am, Graz, Austria.

Lo and behold, the full moon occurs in Arnold’s 5th house conjunct the south node: The Bastard Child is revealed! The nodal axis in Taurus/Scorpio reveals a very karmic and fated event from his sexual past indicating a secret romance and child. Surely money is involved. Progressed Jupiter conjuncts this degree adding to the overwhelming and excessive quality of the whole story as well as the Zeus like behavior of Arnold planting his seed wherever he deems fit. The less desirable, philandering qualities of this god with which Arnold identifies must be accounted for. Natally he also has Chiron in Scorpio in the 5th house squaring his Leo Sun which I’m sure has prayed on his mind all these years about the secret child and romance. Now, with the secret revealed, the chronic pain of these deeds to himself and others forces him to live with this for the rest of his life.

Transiting Saturn in his 4th house conjuncts Neptune indicating an end to his dream life as the foundations of his home and family are dissolving from the sold ground on which they seemingly were built. The upcoming solar eclipse at 11° Gemini occurs in the 12th house of hidden secrets and the lunar eclipse at 24° Sagittarius opposes his natal Uranus in the 12th at 24° Gemini (closely conjunct natal Mars at 20° Gemini). Uranus rules his natal 8th house. So do you think there will be more shocking news to be revealed? You can count on it. And will Arnold be up for the fight – Mars ensures that as well although in the 12th house Mars is unconscious and heavily shamed once he is revealed for his uncontrolled behavior.

The 2nd solar eclipse this summer on July 1 is at 9° Cancer, once again in Arnold’s 12th house and this one squares 4th house Neptune tightly. Again highlighting the dissolve of his home and family as well as his reputation since Pisces rules the midheaven.

But even bigger than all the above is what is happening to progressed Uranus. Remember this is the planet that resides in the 12th, is being hit by the upcoming eclipses both by house and degree and rules the 8th. Uranus is stationing retrograde all year at 26° 10’ of Gemini and turns retrograde on March 1, 2012. In mythology Uranus imprisoned many of his children in Tartarus. Gaia, possessed by a mother’s rage, then persuaded one of those children, Saturn/Cronus, to rise up and castrate him with a sickle. The seed from the dying sky god spilled forth producing the terrifying goddesses of vengeance called the Furies, but it also gave birth to Aphrodite/Venus, the goddess of love.

I haven’t even begun to delve into Maria Shriver’s chart which is astounding for the current astrological bombardment. Just let it be said that she has 26° Taurus rising, is a Scorpio with Saturn at 22° of Scorpio, natal Uranus conjunct the IC opposing Chiron conjunct the MC along with a packed 6th house (which represents the hidden secrets of her husband) and many other significators that I won’t go into right now. It will be most enlightening to see how this myth plays out with Arnold, Maria and all the others involved as Uranus is so prominently aroused in his chart. Hasta la vista, Baby!

Joseph Addeo

Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Astrology of Julie Taymor & “Spiderman”
John Marchesella

The colossal brouhaha about Julie Taymor’s colossal production of “Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark” as a Broadway musical with overtones of Greek theatre and myth is a colossal example of astrology at work. But perhaps colossal is the only way a double Sagittarius would have it!

Taymor’s birth info is: December 15, 1952, 10:06 a.m. EST, Boston, MA. (Readers are encouraged to refer to the horoscope for this article). Her MC is 1 Sag 45 and the ASC is 10 AQ 20.

In case, you missed the real life drama, Julie Taymor is a theatre and film director and designer, known for her unique style and innovative techniques in stage wizardry, certainly in keeping with her ASC, Venus and Mars in Aquarius. Her career has been prolific, but her most popular works to date are the Broadway musical, “The Lion King,” and the biopic of Frida Kahlo, “Frida.”

For years, she’s been working with musician, Bono, to bring “Spiderman” to the musical stage. Finally, on November 28, 2010, the show previewed with some disastrous results. Actors were injured by the complicated and failure-to-launch sets, and word of mouth was dreadful.

The most expensive show ever produced on Broadway became the show with the longest preview period, so long, in fact, that critics got tired of waiting to see it. So, they broke with theatre tradition and reviewed it without invitation. And scathing were the reviews!

Ironically, the show’s attendance and gross weekly profits also broke records, largely due to an audience who wanted to see how bad it really was, how failed the scenery was, and if they would catch a performance when another actor gets injured!

Taymor was fired, and the show is being entirely reworked for a “definite” opening night on June 15, 2011, just after a station of Saturn and on a Lunar Eclipse, that falls, by the way, on Taymor’s Sun. Talk about fated events! However, until April 17th, Taymor’s original version continued to rake in the dough, and it became known as “the director’s cut.”

Here are some of the highlights that describe the fiasco.

1. Taymor’s Progressed Mercury is leaving Aquarius. SURPRISE! Note the importance of natal Mercury on the MC, indicating the natal potential for career, reputation and profile.

2. Her Progressed ASC is forming a Yod with the natal Sun and the Neptune-Saturn. Excuse me, but who’s running the show? The finger of God, I’d say!

3. Simultaneously, her Progressed ASC is in square aspect to natal Pluto, so we all know which one of God’s fingers that is!

4. Shortly after that first preview and lasting for much of the winter, transiting Saturn stationed in square aspect to natal Uranus, the ruler of the chart in the 6th house of work and innovative techniques. Her signature was blocked. Actors fell and scenery literally did not move.

5. Transiting Pluto is on her ASC/MC for months, so her professional reputation is in the toilet…but stay tuned for the resurrection that Pluto brings. After a long while of no say, Pluto often allows us the last word in power struggles.

6. Transiting Uranus left her first house at the time of her firing. It was big news too because it is on the World Axis. Interesting that Uranus entered the first house when “Lion King” opened on Broadway and it was the cat’s meow, even winning her several Tony awards. Always note the parallels when planets enter a house and leave the house.

All of these are good and clear indications of Taymor’s plight in these last few months. However, the astrological handwriting was on the wall, way back on October 20, 2005, when, as reported by The New York Times, contracts were signed between the producers and creators to go forward with the project. From the look of things back then, they could have used an electional astrologer to pick a better date!

1. Transiting Mars was retrograde, obviously, not a promising time to move forward on a new career project. But perhaps this indicates a RE-working of the show is in good order.

2. Transiting Saturn was exactly to the minute on her 7th house cusp of partnerships, obviously, not an indication of promising partnerships.

3. Transiting Neptune conjoined her North Node in Aquarius in the first house, perhaps overestimating her way with inventive techniques and group collaborations.

4. Transiting Pluto was in the early days of conjoining her Sun, much more a time of endings rather than beginnings, especially if you want to do a project about spiders!

5. Just a few days prior to this signing, a Lunar Eclipse at 24 Aries 13 formed a Kite, in Grand Trine with the natal Sun and Pluto, but opposed to Neptune and Saturn. Perhaps this offered some confidence to an already very confident person to proceed, despite the red flags of the aforementioned transits.

The more significant indications of moving forward, despite such foreboding transits, were some very encouraging progressions.

1. Her Progressed Sun was in the early days of conjoining natal Mars, offering courage to take on a huge task.

2. Her Progressed Venus was in a trine with her natal Moon and in a sextile with her natal Venus, offering a sense of well being in the undertaking.

This is a very good example of the interaction of progressions and transits. The positive progressions put her in the mood, so to speak, to take on the difficulties that were represented by the transits. If her progressions were more worrisome, perhaps she would have thought twice about the project; and if the transits at the time of the signing were more favorable, perhaps the task would have been easier.

But let us not judge her choices. After all, we have yet to see the final production and the full repercussions of her actions. We only offer this information as a lesson in the dynamics of astrology.

John Marchesella can be reached via his website,

Monday, April 25, 2011

Royal Nuptials and the Void of Course Moon

The much anticipated royal wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton occurs on April 29, 2011. According to all news reports the ceremony is to commence at 11:00 am in London and finish by 12:15 pm. Had they consulted the royal astrologer they would have been told that the moon is void during the entire ceremony; not a propitious sign for this or any marriage. In fact she remains void until 6:33 pm. Starting a major life event on a void moon signifies that nothing comes of the event. Might I suggest that nothing will come of this fairy tale romance and perhaps it will fizzle out in some way?

The chart for this marriage shows 12° Leo rising. Not a bad rising sign since after all this is a royal wedding. The ruler of the chart is the Sun in Taurus in the 10th house. Taurus is a sign of stability, security, money and the 10th house symbolizes status, recognition and an event that is in full public view by the world at large. There is a stellium in Aries including Venus, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and Uranus with Saturn exalted in Libra opposing all those planets as a singleton forming the handle of a bucket chart. I think that’s actually rather good since Aries/Libra are the relationship signs. The 9th / 3rd house emphasis shows the media attention to the event plus the extravagance and world interest. Saturn gives seriousness of purpose and grounds all that impulsive Martian energy to be more balanced. Such a strong Saturn suggests communication between these two people is of utmost importance. The Jupiter/Mars conjunction at the midheaven occurs as the ceremony begins and by 12:15 the Sun conjoins the midheaven. Pretty nice huh?

But the major concern here is the void of course moon at 26° 45’ Pisces in conjunction to Uranus – ouch! The moon is about bonds, feelings, home, family and attachment. Pisces is a romantic sign yet also a blind one and Luna in the balsamic phase of an out of sign conjunction to Uranus only adds to the blindness of the entire event. By solar arc the moon enters Aries in September 2014. Perhaps this shall be a wake up call ending the romantic period of the relationship and when the Moon conjuncts Uranus by solar arc in the spring of 2017 dare I suggest divorce? Uranus rules the 7th and 8th. The Moon rules the 12th house further emphasizing feelings of imprisonment, blindness and sacrifice. But, if I were to put a positive spin on all this Uranus, Moon, 12th house and Pisces energy perhaps they will be a romantic couple who use their power for helping the under privileged through their devotion to humanitarian and global causes. As British Royalty in the age of Aquarius these charitable deeds will definitely be part of their duty and responsibility but let’s check up on them as that solar arc perfects in 2017. And if that’s not enough, by 2018 solar arc Uranus will be on Venus while solar arc Mercury is on Mars.

Joseph Addeo

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Joan Crawford, Kate Winslet and Mildred Pierce

James M. Cain’s depression era novel, Mildred Pierce, first filmed by Michael Curtiz as a 1945 Warner Bros. film noir has been adapted by Todd Haynes as an HBO mini series debuting Sunday, March 27, 2011. This time around Kate Winslet stars in the title role originated by Joan Crawford in the 1945 version which earned her an Academy Award.

Joan Crawford is an actress of mythic proportions and Kate Winslet is an extremely talented actress quickly racking up awards and having a career that rivals Joan Crawford in her prime. Both are considered fiercely ambitious, resilient and determined with almost super human work ethics. I thought it would be interesting as a lesson in synastry to see what these two have in common and what may draw Winslet to invite comparison to Crawford. In essence these two actresses are now forming a relationship via the character of Mildred Pierce.

Crawford’s birth information: March 23, 1903, 10:00 pm, San Antonio, Texas. Told by Crawford herself to astrologer Nelle Sliter.
Winslet’s birth information: October 5, 1975, 7:15 am, Reading, England. This is the time of birth found everywhere I’ve looked and although not verified, I’m going with it.

Crawford is an Aries with the Sun in the 5th house and Winslet is a Libra (in fact Winslet is a triple Libra) with the Sun and Moon in the 1st house indicating a very aggressive, Aries type of Libra. Winslet’s creative inspiration may be in direct contrast to Crawford’s, while retaining a commonality which is indicative of opposite signs. Winslet would be driven to balance her interpretation and offer an alternative choice by creating from another direction and showing a different side to the character.

A mini series format provides ample opportunity to flesh out the character in contrast to a 2 hour film condensation of the novel more in tune to Crawford’s direct Aries approach. The creativity of the Sun sign opposition indicates the actresses mirror each other in some way and most definitely fans and critics will take sides. Winslet, being smart and diplomatic in true Libra fashion, would respect, appreciate and admire Crawford yet stay detached, balanced and aware of her own individuality and not be swallowed up by the powerful presence of Crawford’s legend.

Their Saturn’s are in aspect by opposition again giving perspective and awareness regarding their work and reputation as well as pointing up their differences and similarities. There are other interesting aspects between the charts; yet, the most karmic interaction, indicating an unconscious link for channeling energy between the two actresses, would be the nodal connection. This is where we see astrology at work in a very mysterious way and what buttons are being pushed. Winslet’s Sun, Moon, Pluto, Ascendant and Mercury conjunct Crawford’s North Node and Mars. This is an enormous vortex of energy funneled between them. Crawford’s North Node in Libra is bringing out the best of what Winslet’s planets have to offer. In essence she is getting Crawford’s approval, encouragement, support, caring and inspiration from the grave. Likewise Winslet’s nodal axis sits on Crawford’s ascendant/descendant further emphasizing the karmic nature of this contact. There is a give and take and hopefully a healthy debate in discussing the relationship both these actresses have with each other and their interpretation of the character of Mildred Pierce. Some mysterious force throughout time and history links them.

Transiting Saturn all over Winslet’s Libra stellium on the Ascendant indicates career endings and beginnings while opposite Crawford’s Sun suggests a re-assessment of Crawford’s past creative achievements. Transiting Pluto has been squaring Crawford’s Sun for several years (and currently squaring natal Mars, her chart ruler) doing a mighty job of resurrecting her past and transforming her legacy that had been decimated by Mommie Dearest. Her identity has come up for re-examination and purging and in typical Scorpio rising fashion we see “the phoenix rising from the ashes”. No less than 4 new biographies on Crawford have surfaced in less than 2 years. Read this great article written in the January 3, 2011 edition of New Yorker by esteemed film critic David Denby as he tries to put Crawford’s career and reputation in perspective:

And let’s not forget transiting Uranus has just entered Aries conjuncting Crawford’s Sun helping to give a 180° shift in perspective to her talent, creativity and legacy (Sun rules the 10th). Uranus needs a few years yet to revolutionize Winslet’s career but its ingress into Aries may herald a new beginning for her in terms of roles and direction. After all this is a major return to television after having appeared exclusively in films since her debut in 1994’s Heavenly Creatures. We should keep an eye on Winslet’s career in 2013 as Uranus and Pluto form a very tight transiting t-square to her natal Sun.

The original Mildred Pierce premiered on 9/24/45 showing a stellium of Sun, Neptune, Jupiter and Chiron in Libra and the HBO series premieres on 3/27/11 with a stellium of the Sun, Uranus, Jupiter and Mercury in Aries; the signs so heavily represented by Crawford and Winslet. Recent transits by Saturn, Pluto and Uranus have activated and continue to activate the cardinal signs.

Joseph Addeo

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Death of a Star: Elizabeth Taylor

I woke up this morning to the sad news that Elizabeth Taylor, one of the last of the great old-time Hollywood stars had died. It truly is the end of an era befitting of Uranus entering Aries the sign of new beginnings after having been in Pisces (Taylor’s Sun sign) the sign of endings.

We all know planets don’t kill people yet it is fascinating to track the energy surrounding death as represented by transits and progressions. Famous people encapsulate entire generations and we project so much on to them. Let’s see what was going on with Elizabeth Taylor.

While the most common chart used for her is Sag rising, I prefer the Libra rising chart as taught to me by John Marchesella. I think it works better and John is usually right. Someone else can use the Sag rising chart for further exploration.

Birth Information: February 27, 1932, 7:56 pm, London, England.
Ascendant: 3° 43’ Libra.
MidHeaven: 4° 50’ Cancer

She died on the Saturn-Jupiter opposition in Aries/Libra. Saturn in the first house indicates endings to her physical body and Jupiter in the 7th representing a long journey. Saturn is in an approaching semi-square to her natal moon in Scorpio while Jupiter is in a separating sesquisquare. Jupiter today is triggering the SE from 1/4/11 of 13.39 Capricorn which took place in Taylor’s natal 4th house conjunct her part of fortune and semi-square the moon. Was there something fortunate about this death? Perhaps an easy passing from the womb to the tomb which is a term applied to the 4th house. Both transiting planets are in aspect to natal Venus, her chart ruler, (Saturn opposes and Jupiter conjuncts) again indicating an ending and a long journey pertaining to her physical body.

As mentioned earlier, Uranus is on the world axis at 0° Aries, the birth sign of her natal Uranus and sesquisquare Jupiter.

Neptune and Chiron are conjunct Mars (ruler of the 8th house of death), just zapping all energy, vitality and life out of her.

Pluto is at the IC closely opposing progressed Venus.

The natal nodal axis in health houses and signs at 27° Virgo/Pisces (she had chronic bad health all her life) were in 2° orb to the Lunar Eclipse of 12/21/10 at 29.20 Gemini. That eclipse degree having just been triggered by transiting Sun.

And while I don’t put much stock in the transiting moon it is interesting to note that on the day of death she transits in the deadly sign of Scorpio, Taylor’s natal moon position.

Moon has recently come over the Ascendant, a time of endings and beginnings.

Progressed Sun opposes Moon. This could be a letting go of old habits and ways of living in order to accept new opportunities

The progressed ascendant is 28.28 Scorpio; two degrees past the natal moon. This may be a good indication to rectify the birth to a slightly earlier time.

Venus trines the Sun – a rather pleasant, and loving progression to be found in a death. She was after all surrounded by all her children

Mercury (co-ruler of the 9th house of long journeys) in the 8th squaring Saturn.

And most telling of all, Progressed Neptune, ruler of her Pisces planets, the north node and the 6th house of health turned direct on November 6, 2010. A change in direction for the ultimate connection to the eternal and mystical One from which we all come from.

On a personal note today is Joan Crawford’s birthday. Two of the greatest stars to ever come out of the Hollywood firmament are now forever linked in birth and death to March 23rd. MGM once boasted that it had “More Stars than there are in Heaven”. Well, that is certainly true now.

Joseph Addeo

Friday, March 4, 2011


Charlie’s Solar Arcs

by John Marchesella

In the last few drops of Uranus in Pisces, Charlie Sheen is having his own personal mid-East revolution. And truth be told, who’s not?

A quick glance at his chart shows the media blitz on his crisis as Bad Boy as well as the wannabee Good Father as represented by the most recent Lunar Eclipse on his Jupiter in Gemini and the transiting square from Uranus. That makes for an awful lot of press coverage!

Progressed Mercury, all-important as the ruler of his natal chart as well as the media god, is leaving the conjunction with warring Mars! Progressed Mars and Venus are leaving the square to the natal Sun too. All of these significators in addition to his natal Gemini Ascendant explain the duality of the crisis at work and in love.

Although these indications are certainly potent enough to symbolize his predicament, they don’t seem so potent as to indicate such a relentless stir of drama. So, where might the culprit be? The oft-overlooked 45 degree Solar Arc, which turns every natal position into a hard aspect, making for a tremendous release of energy and creating THE turning point in each individual life. Or, as Bill Clinton said, “The moment when I realized I had more yesterday’s than tomorrow’s.”

It’s a sure-shot tool for accurate forecasting and it’s one that happens for each of us in our mid-40’s, making for the peak experience in the mid-life crisis, amidst the swirl of so many other generational transits and progressions.

The first rule of predictive astrology, however, is to understand the natal potential. And as for Sheen’s natal potential for addiction problems and this life crisis, well, pick something: Saturn in Pisces as the handle of a bucket chart, (plus it is the only retrograde planet which gives it more singled-out attention), the Sun’s configuration with Saturn, Uranus and Pluto has it serve as a sort of channel for such powerful forces, Mars in Scorpio widely conjoined with Neptune, the Moon on the 8th house cusp and its placement in the indulgent Sagittarius and opposite the excessive Jupiter.

The 45-degree Solar Arc is also cyclical, related to the Solar Arc of 22.5. So, if we did some research on Sheen, we might see in his early 20’s the seed planted for his current situation, which, in turn, is the preview for events of his mid-60’s. But that’s a research project for another day.

Birth data: Charlie Sheen, September 3, 1965, 10:48 PM EDT, New York, NY

John Marchesella can be reached via his website,

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

SHORT STORIES by John Marchesella

SHORT STORIES by John Marchesella

Less than a year ago, Saturn and Pluto were in transit to the angles of the chart of Iceland, indicating the eruption of volcanic ash. Last year’s eclipses were keyed into those transits too.

Now, these planets have inched forward to form significant aspects to the chart of Egypt, representing a dramatic eruption of another kind. And again, the recent eclipses play a role in the revolution.

According the Nicholas Campion’s “Book of World Horoscopes,” a most trusted authority on the charts of nations, Egypt’s birth data is March 14, 1922, 10:43 P.M. Cairo, 31 East 15, 30 North 30.

We find the MC of Egypt at 4 Libra 06, closely conjunct natal Saturn at 5 Libra 05 Rx, forming a T-square with Venus at 1 Aries 50 and Pluto at 7 Cancer 56 Rx. Obviously, transiting Pluto in Capricorn is having a heyday around these degrees and turning this T-square into a Grand Square, bringing underlying social tensions explosively to the surface.

Transiting Jupiter in Aries is weaving through these degrees too, perhaps adding fuel to the fires of the people of Egypt.

Also in the 10th house of the chart of Egypt are the Moon at 14 Libra 24 and Jupiter, ruler of the chart, at 16 Libra 31 Rx, clearly affected by the recent station of Saturn. The symbolism of a station is “a grinding halt in order for things to come to a head.”

The Solar Eclipse of January 4th was closely in square aspect to the Moon too.

We are only early in to all of these transits, and Uranus in Aries is on the horizon, also applying to that natal T-square, so there is still much to unfold and evolve.

However, while each of these planets has something to say about each part of the story in Egypt, it is a clear example of Pluto in Capricorn bringing down the systems of the Old Man that do not serve the people, any of the people of the world.

* * *

Add speaking of Pluto, but on its lighter side, I was delighted to see Mike Brown, the man who instigated the dwarfing Pluto, the promoting of Ceres, and who discovered Sedna and Eris, at New York’s Hayden Planetarium (where, yes, Pluto is long removed from the model of the solar system), on a publicity tour for his memoir, “How I Killed Pluto and Why It Had It Coming,” which I reviewed here some weeks ago. (The review can still be found on the blogspot of NCGR-New York,

There are not enough compliments for him and his presentation: affable, witty, warm, article, very well humored and passionate about the Universe. And how can he not be with Libra Rising and four planets in Gemini, including Venus as the most elevated in his chart. Three of those planets, by the way, are in the infamous mutable T-square of 1965 and they sit in the 8th house! Who else would dare to demote Pluto! But it was a joy to see an astronomer with as much love of the sky as we, astrologers, have.

His presentation focused in his discovery of Eris and his challenge to have it accepted as a planet by the International Astronomical Union, which led to the dwarfing of Pluto, et al.

Amidst quite a bit of the humor and poetic imagery he used to describe the planets, he referred to Neptune, ironically, with pity and put down. Evidently, the mysteries of its astronomical nature confound astronomers about the outer limits of Universe. Brown’s comment was, “Poor Neptune, He gets blamed for whatever can’t be explained by astronomers, but He does deserve it because actually He’s a very sneaky planet!” Methinks, Dr. Brown knows a thing or two about astrology that he’s not letting on to publicly! Or perhaps he’s just really tapping into the depths of the Collective. In any case, it’s nice to be in the back pocket of a renowned astronomer.

Brown is very generous with his knowledge, and I encourage you to visit his website, to learn more about the process of dwarfing astronomical Pluto while still respecting the astrological Pluto.

* * *

Control freaks of the astrology community, ALERT! Have you seen the Void of Course Moon schedule for this year!

Not only because of Neptune’s ingress into Pisces, (but as Dr. Brown said, He does get blamed for things, and in this case, rightly so), but particularly when that happens, most of the planets will be in very early degrees of the signs, making for long periods of Void of Course Moons, not to mention the havoc that comes with them….unless you know how to handle the Moon’s Void.

If you look ahead in your ephemeris (and pleeeeze, new students of astrology, get some version of an ephemeris, and not just rely on your computer program), you will see weeks, such as the week of April 26th, June 27th, July 5th, which are mainly Void, and many other whole days scattered through the year with such long periods.

So, if you are a person, as I am, who has to have things running like a well-oiled machine, then plan your errands, appointments and to-do lists carefully and efficiently, as well as fulfilling those lists and tasks, when the Moon is NOT Void, and keep taking those yoga classes, meditations and daily routines when the Moon IS Void.

Am I advocating fear of the Void of Course Moon? Of course, not! Fear of the astrological gods is silly. But reverence for them is smart. That’s what’s meant in the wisdom of “For every season, there is a purpose under heaven.” Know the astrological season, and you’ll know your purpose.

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Quite exciting times in Egypt as our friend Uranus planet of liberation, freedom, revolution, equality, fraternity, democracy and chaos is at it again. Let’s read the astrological symbolism in a simple and straightforward fashion. Uranus is at the final degrees of Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac. Pisces and the 12th house are about enslavement and prisons and the Egyptian people have been enslaved and imprisoned for quite a while. The dreams and imagination of what is possible in Pisces is being awakened by Uranus in Aries. As the planet enters the first sign of the zodiac revolution, new beginnings and a pioneering spirit are in order. Everything that has been dormant and brewing in the dark is ready to break out into a new vision. It’s the birth we all wait for in life in order to take action. Aries is a war sign and the military is taking over in the interim before democracy has a chance to unfold. The military is sending signals it will be committed to a transition to democracy. According to global news reports Egyptian Army Generals will amend the constitution to allow free elections by September.

The horoscope of modern Egypt is set for June 18, 1953 at 11:30pm Cairo. "Realizing that their time had come, the radical [army] officers engineered a second coup on 18-19 June, the culmination of which was the proclamation of the Republic at 11:30 p.m. GMT on 18 June in Cairo. . . ." Campion, "The Book of World Horoscopes" (Second Edition), p. 144.

In this chart Saturn is at 20.34 Libra. President Mubarak resigned on Friday, February 11, 2011 as transiting Saturn is at 17 Libra; Egypt’s Saturn return. President Mubarak took power on October 14, 1981 after the assassination of Anwar El Sadat when Saturn was at 13.51 Libra. This is the Saturn return of his ascendancy to power as well. For world leaders Saturn returns are either an enhancement of power and reputation or a falling from grace. Essentially what we have here beginning in 1953, is that at every Saturn return in Libra there has been changes to the government, structures, traditions and Egypt’s reputation and place in the world. Libra is a diplomatic sign so we can hope for consciousness to rule supreme in the sign of its exaltation.

Solar Eclipses are waves of new energy. The most recent one was on January 4, 2011 at 14° Capricorn. In Egypt’s 1953 birth chart this degree lies opposite its natal Uranus at 17° Cancer. In President’s Mubarak’s ascent to Presidency chart of 10/14/81 the eclipse degree squares the Saturn in that chart at 14° Libra.

Finally the current Solar Eclipse belongs to Saros Series 13 North. To quote Bernadette Brady in her book “The Eagle and the Lark” regarding this Saros Cycle: “This is an eclipse family of groups and associations. Its energy is about large, ambitious group projects. These group projects will require a separation or the breaking of a bond that already exists. The individual (country) may well experience this eclipse initially as a separation and then as joint achievement.”

This is self explanatory as it relates to the great country of Egypt.

Joseph Addeo

Thursday, February 3, 2011

HOW I KILLED PLUTO And Why It Had It Coming


And Why It Had It Coming

Mike Brown, 267 pages, Speigel & Grau, New York, 2010, $25

Reviewed by John Marchesella

God giveth and God taketh away. And Mike Brown took away our beloved Pluto as a planet, but he gave us this wonderful memoir of his time from 1999, when he had an un-scientific hunch that a tenth planet would be found beyond Pluto and he made an even more un-scientific bet on it with a colleague; to a bit passed the time when Pluto was lessened to dwarfed status, Ceres was promoted to dwarf planet, and his own discovery, Eris, was also recognized as a dwarf planet.

The author provides the inside story on the compelling news that we watched unfold in the New York Times a few years ago, when the International Astronomical Union was trying to decide on Pluto’s status according to the definition of the term, “planet,” or as Brown argues, the non-definition of “planet.” He speaks about his own inner process of giving up the glory of discovering the tenth planet, Eris, which had to go to dwarf if Pluto was going down too.

Even before his work on Eris, Brown gives the story of also discovering Quaoar and Sedna, as well as the frustrations and injustices of the politics of the solar system that IAU is.

If you are thinking this is little more than a science journal (as I did when I cracked the book open), then think again! Brown is an engaging, warm and well-humored writer with, not only an obvious passion for the skies, but also a passion for educating about the skies. He brings astronomy down to earth and shows us how the planets are all around us in our everyday lives if we just pay attention.

Most surprisingly, this turns out to be a love story. Thoroughly woven into the fabric of the astronomy is the very romantic story of meeting Diane, the woman who would become his wife, and the birth of their child, Lilah. These events in his life closely coincided with the discoveries of Sedna and Eris, respectively. In his very personal revelations of love and parenthood, Brown shows how the individual is a microcosm for the greater Universe. Here, and in his descriptions of how he chose the mythic names for his discoveries as well as for his daughter, we see that Brown is as much poet as he is scientist, and all human.

Astrologers will be glad to know, on occasion, he makes a brief mention of us in his book in no derogatory way! He speaks of our rapid use of newly discovered planetary bodies in our horoscopes, but more philosophically, he states early in his story about his love of the skies, “It’s impossible to know, but it’s always hard not to feel that in some way, for me at least, perhaps the early astrologers were right: Perhaps my fate actually was determined by the positions of the planets at the moment of my birth.”

Back in the day of his trials and tribulations with the IAU when Eris was still known as Xena, I had an e-mail exchange with Brown, regarding his birth data. With his permission, I used it in article about his chart. It is repeated here for your information: June 5, 1965, 2:35 P.M., Huntsville, AL.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snowiest January EVER!

It’s official. New York City had its snowiest January on record EVER breaking the old record from 1925! Another huge snow storm arrived with a one-two punch on Wednesday, January 26 dumping a total of 19” of snow in Central Park and elsewhere in the northeast with comparable totals – twice the amount the National Weather Service forecast. Why is this happening now? Well, the culprit is Saturn, Saturn and Saturn! The weather people didn’t predict this one right because they are not familiar with our wise old friend Saturn. They were all saying it would only bring 6 to 10 inches of snow and that it would hit quickly and be out of here. On a Saturn station storms stall and slow down. Again, as in the blizzard of Christmas 2010 we had high winds, thunder snow and lightning. The morning of the 26th found the city blanketed with 4” of snow when all predictions said it would be a light dusting early in the day with intensification overnight. Well, the first part of the storm lingered and was much stronger than predicted followed by the second, more intense, wallop overnight which once again crippled the northeast. Nothing is easy on a Saturn station. Think of words like serious, crippling, stalled, stuck, station, struggle, delay, challenge, work, slow down and paralysis. Yes, Saturn is living up to its reputation of bringing people and places to their knees. This storm happened on Mercury’s day while Mercury was at 17° Capricorn ruled by Saturn stationing retrograde in its exaltation sign of Libra at 17° not far off from squaring the solar eclipse degree of January 4 at 14° Capricorn. Now as Saturn retrogrades for the remainder of the winter closer and closer to the eclipse degree I can only foresee a cold, bleak, bitter and frigid winter continuing. Plan ahead!

Joseph Addeo

Monday, January 17, 2011

Astrologer Finds 13th Month in Julian Calendar!!

Amidst all the flap about a thirteenth zodiac sign, Regis K. Downlander, an astrologer, amateur astronomer, and hotel clerk in a suburb of Indianapolis, has discovered a thirteenth month in the Julian year.

“I was working the night shift,” said Mr. Downlander, “and I was just kind of doodling around with a calendar and a calculator, and all of a sudden there it was right in front of me.”

Mr. Downlander sent his findings to to NASA, where astrophysicist Jon Finer had to admit that the astrologer was correct in his calculations. “It’s quite a gaffe for the scientific community,” Dr. Finer said, “First, that little girl finds a supernova, and now this... we really have to get on the ball!”

Although the actual calculations are quite complex, Mr. Downlander explained it in layman’s terms. “You see, there are twelve months in the year, but 365 days, so that means that five days are left over. Then, seven of the months have 31 days, meaning that there are an extra seven days - that makes twelve extra days. Now, we all know days are longer in the summer than the winter, and if you add up the total number of hours, it totals 18 additional days. Bingo! An extra month!”

What to call the new month has been a concern in the scientific community all day. “Since the months September through December are essentially numbered (September means seventh, October means eighth, etc. - Ed), it makes sense to add on another one, but no one seems to know what the Latin word is for ‘eleven,’” said Dr. Finer.

“We thought about adding a number on the front end, before seven (September), but Christian groups were up in arms at the thought of a month named ‘Sextember.’”

Where to place the extra month has also been the cause of considerable debate. Both Major League Baseball and the National Football League have already begun petitioning congress to bring the month into their respective seasons, thereby lengthening them. It appears likely at this point that the powerful National Retailer's Association will demand that the extra month be placed between November and December, thus lengthening the holiday retail season.

People on the street are baffled about all the new changes. “A new zodiac sign, a new month, the world’s going crazy!” said one pedestrian, adding that his employer had warned that no matter how many months there are, there would still be only one week of vacation.

Armand Diaz

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Uranus in Aries

Uranus is winding up its sojourn through Pisces. We’ve had 7 years to awaken our dreams and hidden talents; a chance to break through the haze and mist and find some clarity with which to think about the future. What are your future plans and how can you progress to make your dreams come true? That time is just around the corner as Uranus bursts into the cardinal, fire sign Aries on March 13. It’s time to put into action all that you’ve been dreaming about for the past 7 years. Make new beginnings by facing and conquering fear on your own terms otherwise Uranus has the tendency to breakdown structures in life that are badly outdated without any concern for your feelings. So why not become aware and be somewhat conscious of the roller coaster ride. You’ve had a glimpse of what the new beginnings might be back in June, July and early August 2010 when Uranus just touched 0 degrees Aries. The past few months this powerhouse planet retrograded back into Pisces asking for one more refinement of what it is you want to change. Jupiter conjunct Uranus in the last degrees of Pisces lends confidence to make that leap of faith we all so badly need to make change in our lives. Divorce yourself from the past, learn from it and move forward into new territory. We may not be able to totally eradicate fear but awareness promotes a healthy detachment from it and an eventual love of the new birth and child we create.

Joseph Addeo

Thursday, January 6, 2011

"The Ingress" Winter 2010: Neptune in Pisces

Our winter newsletter ("The Ingress") is focused on the topic of NEPTUNE IN PISCES and includes articles by six local astrologers:

In his article "Surrendering to the Vast Innerworld", Rafael Nasser looks back at Neptune’s origins, and then imagines what life will be like in 2026, when it's all over. You can read his article online here:

Ann Barone also shared her wisdom on Neptune in the article "The Duality of Neptune in Pisces" based on her many experiences with the planet's double-bodied effects.

Monty Renov provided a detailed analysis of the Neptune Ingress, especially in terms of how it relates to the chart of the USA. His article was called "As Neptune Waits in the Wings".

Donna McGarry contributed again to our newsletter, discussing how Neptune in Pisces might affect our media watching habits. Her article "Falling Down the Tubes with Neptune" plays particular emphasis on the rise of reality TV and how this entertainment trend might develop.

John Marchesella wrote a tribute to Pat Morimondo, a longtime NCGR-NYC member who recently passed away and was noted for her contributions to astrological research and for her classic book The Neptune Effect.

Finally, Pattie Canova delved once more into the rich imagery of the Tarot to bring us new perspectives on Neptune and Pisces in her article "To Sleep, Perchance to Dream...".

If you are a New York chapter member of NCGR, you should have already received your newsletter in the mail (find out about membership here:

If you are not a member, you can purchase individual issues of "The Ingress" for $5.00 each or a yearly subscription for $20.00. Contact for more information.

Stephen Fleming
Editor, The Ingress