Monday, December 27, 2010

East Coast Holiday Blizzard 2010

This is an easy one everyone. There is a solar eclipse on January 4, 2011 at 14° Capricorn. As those who study astrology know, major events often happen on the days of the eclipses. Other predictive techniques have to do with planetary triggers to the eclipse degree by hard aspect, particularly the planets Mars, the Sun and the Nodes. As the storm raged its way up the coast on December 26, 27 and 28 Mars was at 14° Capricorn, the sign of its exaltation, triggering the upcoming solar eclipse. While Mars can be considered the biggest culprit to triggering the blizzard also heightening and magnifying the rage of this storm, accompanied by extremely high winds, thunder and lightning, rare for a winter snow storm, are the conjunctions of Jupiter and Uranus at 26° Pisces and Neptune and Chiron at 27° Aquarius. The temperature is predicted to get up to 50° for New Years Day but let’s see what further occurs on January 4 on the day of the eclipse. Lest we forget, Saturn is also hovering near the eclipse degree squaring it at 16° Libra another major factor figuring in the intensity of this storm. Saturn rules the cold winter signs of Capricorn and Aquarius and is sojourning in the sign of its exaltation. And finally, last but not least, we are in midst of a Mercury retrograde which does no one any favors for helping to make commuting by air, rail or car easy! All these factors coming together have helped to make this a storm for the record books. For those who love snow – ENJOY!

Joseph Addeo

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Earthquake off the Coast of Southampton, NY

Tuesday, November 30, 2010, 10:45 am 80 miles southeast of Southampton, NY, 4.1 miles deep in the Atlantic Ocean – New York experienced its biggest earthquake in 18 years. Now in the grand scheme of things this 3.9 magnitude quake was barely noticed but I thought it would be interesting to take a look at the chart. 3° Aquarius rises in the chart and Uranus the chart ruler is in the 2nd house. Uranus is the planet of shocks, breaks, unexpected events and it rules earthquakes. It is placed in the very grounded and secure Taurean 2nd house associated with the land and the earth. Often we see an angular Uranus in a disastrous earthquake as is the case of the 1906 San Francisco earthquake which is conjunct the MC and the San Francisco earthquake of 1989 when Uranus was the highest planet in the chart in the 10th. In both those charts Uranus is placed in the earth sign Capricorn. Something about the symbolism of the New York quake is more hidden with Uranus being tucked away deep in the succedent 2nd house. Another interesting fact is that Mercury at 29° Sagittarius is triggering the upcoming lunar eclipse on December 21 at 29° Gemini. Mercury rules small things (this was a rather small quake) and it is placed in the succedent 11th house which is associated with Uranus and the sign Aquarius. Let’s see what occurs when Mars transits 29° Sagittarius on 12/7/10, Jupiter transits 29° Pisces on 1/19/11 just two weeks after a solar eclipse in the earth sign of Capricorn and Uranus transits 29° Pisces on 2/28/11. Chances are nothing will happen but it is noteworthy to observe and track.

Joseph Addeo

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Prince William's Engagement to Kate Middleton

Prince William was born on June 21, 1982 at 9:03 pm in London England. He is a 0° Cancer Sun born on the world axis. More importantly there was a solar eclipse that day at 29.47 of Gemini. Being born on a Solar Eclipse is a symbol of royalty. There is a sense of destiny about such a birth. A special kind of person is being incarnated and coming in on a new wave of energy. On Tuesday, November 16 the announcement was made of Prince William’s engagement to Kate Middleton. Interesting to note that Venus is stationing direct at 28° Libra, the sign of engagement and while Venus was retrograde mostly through Scorpio the engagement was kept secret and buried. This is noteworthy in itself but what is even more fascinating is the upcoming Lunar Eclipse on December 21, 2010 at 29.21 of Gemini. This is essentially the same degree of the Solar Eclipse on which he was born. The engagement is announced on the incoming energy of the lunar eclipse bringing to light the upcoming year and marriage plans. Lunar eclipses have a Libra feel to them since the Sun and Moon are 180° apart from each other. It will be a year of emotional fulfillment, fruition and an increased desire to relate as there is a need to integrate two facets of ourselves. Things come to light as opposed to solar eclipse symbolism of new beginnings and being a bit in the dark. He is fulfilling the promise, hope and destiny of his birth as a royal prince. The world axis symbolism ensures this will be played out on a public stage in a grand scale. I love astrology!

Joseph Addeo

Thursday, November 11, 2010

a three-hour tour

Hours after the Neptune station on Sunday morning, the Carnival cruise ship Splendor set sail out of San Diego for a cruise of the Mexican Riviera. All was going fine until Monday morning at 6 a.m. local time, when a fire in the engine room left the ship stranded without power.

Without any power - how Neptunian - the ship listed and rolled with the waves, increasing sea sickness on board. Passengers had to eat "safe" (canned, and so on) rations, and had no phone or internet services. Two tug boats are towing the ship back to San Diego, and they are expected to arrive on Thursday afternoon.

Armand Diaz

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Clarence Thomas and Eclipses

On July 1, 1991 Clarence Thomas was nominated to the United States Supreme Court by President George Herbert Walker Bush. There was an eclipse that month at 19 degrees of Cancer, just around the area of Justice Thomas' Descendant (and if the birth time is a bit off it might be spot on.) See his chart below.

Having the eclipse so close to his 7th house cusp, or Descendant, suggested an important life event regarding his relationships.

His nomination became a huge media event when a former employee, Anita Hill, came forward with allegations that Mr. Thomas sexually harassed her on several occasions, which he denied. He was confirmed and took his oath of office on October 23, 1991.

There was an eclipse at the same 19 degrees of Cancer on July 11, 2010, and just three months later we have a very interesting twist to what seemed to be a closed story: Virginia Thomas, wife of Clarence Thomas, placed a phone call to Anita Hill asking that she apologize for what she put Justice Thomas through all those years ago. See the story HERE.

It's very interesting to watch the eclipse periods since they relate to each other from year to year.

Think back to July 1991 and the months that followed and see how those themes are tying into your life now and since this past July 2010.

Click the horoscope to enlarge it:

Lawrence Grecco

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"The Ingress" Autumn 2010: Astrology and Location

Our autumn newsletter ("The Ingress") is focused on the topic of ASTROLOGY AND LOCATION and includes articles by four local astrologers:

The classic book on this topic is "The Psychology of Astro*carto*graphy" by Jim Lewis and Kenneth Irving. Ken is a member of the NY Chapter of NCGR and kindly contributed an excerpt from the book (which is being reissued this fall) called "Winds of Neptune, Fires of Mars". You can read his article online here:

John Marchesella also wrote "Exercises in Relocation Astrology", presenting some classic relocation cases and emphasizing the importance of relocated angles.

Kathleen Goodyear contributed "Local Space and Astromapping: A Fresh Look" in which she explains about local space lines and the Azimuthal houses they set up depending on your location.

Finally, Lawrence Grecco presented a Zen argument against relocating for your birthday in "Stay Put on Your Birthday."

If you are a New York chapter member of NCGR, you should have already received your newsletter in the mail (find out about membership here:

If you are not a member, you can purchase individual issues of "The Ingress" for $5.00 each or a yearly subscription for $20.00. Contact for more information.

Stephen Fleming
Editor, The Ingress

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pluto in Capricorn Opposing Cancer

Pluto in Capricorn. We all have seen the destruction, rot, decay and hopefully eventual transformation and resurrection of the structures and traditions of our society as we’ve come to know it. But Pluto also has a great effect on the opposite sign of Cancer. If Capricorn is what is out in the open, public and fully visible and Cancer is the sign of home, family, feelings and what goes on behind closed doors in private then Pluto in Capricorn is exposing and revealing all the crazy, obsessive compulsive behavior of what goes on in our family and private lives when no one is looking. And it will bring all this to the public consciousness in a very visible way as witnessed by the spate of “reality shows”. Look at what is being revealed in shows like the Housewives of Jersey, Atlanta, OC, NYC (pick a city), Jersey Shore, the Kardashians and any number of others that deal with family life. We have to face all the bulls**t of what goes on behind the scenes. These shows are mind boggling in the portrayal of the sick, narcissistic, bitter, vengeful and melodramatic behavior of its cast but don’t we all secretly love and relish the over the top antics of these people because we all have it to some degree or another with our own family and if we don’t then we love projecting it on others. Watching these shows is like watching a car crash on a highway: the blood and guts are disgusting but mesmerizing and it’s difficult to look away. And with Venus getting ready to station retrograde in Scorpio on October 8 she will definitely unleash her fury and bring out the bitch in all of us. Why not enjoy the ride and allow yourself to lose some control because if you don’t the past will only come back to bite you in the ass!

By Joseph Addeo

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Rocket's red glare

Two stories in the last day have gotten my attention, as Mercury retrogrades and the sun opposed Neptune.

First, there was the Rocket, Roger Clemens. Yesterday he was indicted for lying to Congress about his use of performance-enhancing drugs during his February, 2008 testimony.

Clemens, a Leo, seems to pretty well represent the haughty arrogance that can be the negative side of the sign. Leo is ruled by the sun, which yesterday opposed Neptune (drugs) in Aquarius (the people, congress). It all fits together so very well, astrologically.

Interestingly, it turns out to be none other than Clemens’ good friend, Andy Pettitte, who provided the key piece of evidence. According to one congressional member, neither Clemens nor his then-trainer were “articulate” enough by themselves to warrant an indictment.

Then there is the disturbing story of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, who was accused of rape and molestation in Sweden. Assange has said that the accusation is a “dirty trick” in retribution for his site’s publication of Afghan war papers, something that greatly angered the Pentagon.

Dirty tricks are certainly a possibility with the sun opposite Neptune, to say nothing of today's Saturn-Pluto square - which asks the question "who's in charge here."

The charges were dropped less than a day after they were issued. It may be a long time before we learn the truth about this, although with Neptune involved the story may drag on for a while and then just fade away... ala Swine Flu.

Post by Armand Diaz

Friday, August 13, 2010

Uranus and Television

An outer planet leaving one sign and entering a new one heralds a turning point; usually endings in the sign the planet is leaving and beginnings in the sign of its entry. Uranus rules television, right! The hit TV show while this planet was in Aquarius from 1995 to 2004 was FRIENDS. Friends is a prominent keyword most associated with the sign of Aquarius. It is interesting to note that the breakout star from that show is Jennifer Aniston, herself a charming Aquarian. The sign after Aquarius is Pisces which rules music and idols.

Think of the mythological association of this sign to Dionysus being worshipped like a rock star. So the big hit TV show from roughly 2004 till now has been AMERICAN IDOL which captures all the glamour, imagination, musical themes and idolatry of Pisces. As Uranus entered Aries there were major changes to the cast of this show with Paula Abdul leaving then Simon Cowell. Uranus seemed to be saying it’s over for AMERICAN IDOL and we need a new beginning as he hurls himself into Aries. So they introduced Ellen Degeneres as a judge and that turned out not to be a good move. After all she’s an Aquarius and her democratic touch of showing equality and impartiality to all the contestants is not what that show requires. Currently with Uranus retrograding out of Aries back into Pisces they will again re-tool Idol. Ellen is gone and there’s talk about Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler, Justin Timberlake or even Elton John as possible replacements to rejuvenate the show. I wouldn’t go with Mr. John if they’re looking to capture a younger audience!

Let’s see what happens imminently as Uranus retrogrades back into Pisces. Possibly the show will have a surge in last minute popularity as Uranus rallies in the last degrees of Pisces but I’m sure it will be short lived. AMERICAN IDOL has had its day and with Uranus’ entry into Aries for good in March 2011 there will be a new show to dominate the ratings as represented by the sign Aries. Will war shows make a comeback? Something with violence, blood and guts. It will definitely be something pioneering, with a vision and full of bravery and valor.

I just took a glance at where Uranus was placed during the reign of I LOVE LUCY in the 1950s. Where else but in Cancer the sign of domesticity and the home and this show was the template for all home based, situation comedies to come thereafter. And by the way, Lucy had Cancer rising!

Joseph Addeo

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

"The Ingress" Summer 2010: Uranus in Aries

Our summer newsletter ("The Ingress") covers Uranus in Aries with articles by four local astrologers:

"Uranus in Aries: A Who's Who, What's What and That Was the Week that Was" by John Marchsella talks about many notable people who were born with Uranus in Aries, such as Cesar Chavez, Elizabeth Taylor and Neil Armstrong.

"Uranus in Aries: Time for a Change" by Anne Ortelee talks about the transits of Uranus through the houses and what this coming period could mean for you. Read the full article here!

"The Enlightened Warrior: Uranus in Aries" by Antot Masuka talks about Uranus in tropical and sidereal Aries, covering the mundane aspects and offering a wealth of predictions on the economy and politics.

"The Foolish Emperor" by Stephen Fleming looks at the Tarot cards associated with Uranus and Aries (The Fool and The Emperor), and offers some predictions based on this imagery.

If you are a New York chapter member of NCGR, you should have already received your newsletter in the mail (find out about membership here:

If you are not a member, you can purchase individual issues of "The Ingress" for $5.00 each or a yearly subscription for $20.00. Contact for more information.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Solstice: Times Square mass yoga

New Yorkers take part in a free mass yoga session organised to coincide with the summer solstice. Different techniques were taught throughout the day

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Annual Spring Education Conference

Our Annual Spring Education Conference (held yesterday at F.I.T. in NYC) was a great success. Karen Hamaker-Zondag's topic was Rhythms of Love: The Astrology of Relationships

When do things happen in a relationship, what is actually happening, and why does it happen? How do our relationships change as we change as individuals? The answers are in our transits, secondary progressions and psychological projections in the natal horoscope, in synastry and in the composite chart. And there is much more about love and relationships than just Venus and the 7th house. We will also look at the hidden factors of the 12th house in relationships. Examples include romantic love, familial relationships and friendships.

The NCGR-NYC Board of Directors thanks all of our Associate Members who helped everything to run so smoothly. Your efforts are very much appreciated.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Ingress of Uranus into Aries - Then and Now

Uranus just entered Aries for the first time since April 1, 1927 (it also went retrograde back into PIsces from November 1927-January 14 1928)

Here's what happened around the time of the last ingress:

April 1927

-Bureau of Prohibition was founded (April 1)

-first female officers are hired in Dresden (April 1)

-Bell Telephone Co. transmits an image of Herbert Hoover, which becomes the first successful long distance demonstration of television (April 7)

-Pope Benedict XVI (the current pope) is born (April 16)

-The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 affects 700,000 people and is the greatest national disaster in U.S. history at the time (April 22)

Here is what was happening during the months just before and after the 1927 ingress:

-The first transatlantic telephone call is made from New York City to London (Jaunary 7)

-The Big Bang Theory was proposed by Georges LeMaitre

-The Jazz Singer is released. It is the first feature-length film with synchronized dialogue sequences--heralding the rise of the "talkies" and the end of the silent film era. (October 6)

So far here is what we've seen around the time of the current ingress of Uranus into Aries (May 27, 2010):

-Pope Benedict XVI is under scrutiny around his handling of sex abuse cases within the Catholic Church

-Volcanic ash from an active volcano in Iceland disrupts air travel across Europe (April 14)

-Crude oil begins to gush out of a broken pipe 5,000 feet beneath the ocean surface in the Gulf (April 20)

-Scientists announce that they have created a functional synthetic genome (May 20)

-Congress begins the process of repealing Don't Ask, Don't Tell which would allow gay and lesbian service people to serve openly in the military (May 27, 2010)

-Apple's iPad makes it international debut (May 28, 2010)

-the first cell phone with video conferencing is announced (June 7, 2010)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


You've probably heard of the rings of Saturn, but you may not know about the rings of Jupiter.

One of them seems to be missing.

Jupiter, the largest planet in the solar system, a giant ball of gas and liquid about 500 million miles from the sun, usually shows off two dark, slightly reddish bands, or stripes -- one in the northern hemisphere, one in the southern.

The southern one has disappeared.

It was there last year, but when Jupiter came out from behind the sun on its yearly orbit, it was gone.

Before you short stocks and buy gold for the approaching apocalypse, relax. This happens occasionally, although nobody is sure why.

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"The last time it happened was 1973," said Eric Vandernoot, the Astronomy and Physics Lab coordinator at Florida Atlantic University. "This is why Jupiter is my favorite planet. It's a constantly changing system, and it's wonderful to watch. You can see the changes occur on any given night."

Vandernoot points out that next year, on March 17, Jupiter's orbit will come its closest to the sun, but he doesn't think that's why the band has disappeared.

The most likely reason? The cooling of gases on the planet's surface.

But that's just a guess, too.

Jupiter is not a solid mass, although it has a core that's about four times the size of Earth. Surrounding that is a thick sea of liquid metallic hydrogen and then a lot of gas, which is what we see.

The gases, which include sulphur and phosphorus, form the belts that are created by 350-mph winds fueled by Jupiter's rapid rotation. The belts, or stripes, are probably a function of the gases heating and cooling.

"We think it's a hurricane that's been lasting 350 years on the planet, and there's nothing to slow it down, like, say, tall buildings. Or Florida," Vandernoot said.

"Everybody oohs and aahs about Saturn and the rings. But in fact Saturn is so pale, you don't get to see much. But Jupiter, you can see the moons, you can see the shadow of the moons move over the planet. It's not a static picture in a textbook, it's real."

And if you can wait a few months, Jupiter will be closest to Earth on Sept. 24, which is when you'll get the best view of it.

Without one of its stripes.


So, don't live in fear of September 24th...Just be aware of it!

John Marchesella

Monday, May 24, 2010

Hubble catches planet being devoured by its star

Read about it HERE

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Little Orphan Annie Goes to the Poor House

It was announced by the Chicago Tribune on May 13th that the cartoon column, "Little Orphan Annie," will be coming to an end on June 13, 2010. Talk about Pluto in Capricorn ending our American institutions!

The column began on August 5, 1924, with a Sun-Neptune conjunction in Leo in trine to Jupiter in Sagittarius. That just about sums up the story of this poor little rich girl as well as a long and mighty run for the cartoon strip.

The current Saturn-Pluto square, not to mention the upcoming Lunar Eclipse at 4 Capricorn, is doing a number to little Annie's natal Venus at 4 Cancer. Furthermore, transiting Saturn is in the balsamic phase to natal Saturn, indicating a time of closure.

Interesting that "Annie" came to Broadway's musical stage on April, 1977, when a transiting square between Saturn and Uranus was aspecting her Sun, and transiting Pluto was in square to her natal Pluto along with a Solar Eclipse in Libra....just going to show that even cartoon characters have their transits!

By the way, Andrea McArdle, the actress who portrayed Annie in the musical, who was born on November 5, 1963, also has a Sun-Neptune conjunction, but in Scorpio, in exact square to little Annie's aspect. The actress also has Jupiter in Aries, which closely forms a Grand Trine with Annie's fire planets. 'Guess it goes to show actors and their characters (even fictitious ones) have their synastry too!

Well, in the coming year, Uranus will transit that natal Venus in a square, so let's see what re-awakening lies ahead for little Annie. Maybe a revival of the Broadway musical in 2011? If so, you heard it here first!

John Marchesella

Would you like to swing on a star, carry moonbeams home in a jar...

Today’s Jupiter-Saturn opposition will no doubt go unnoticed in popular culture. But even among astrologers, this isn’t the Big Doin’s it used to be.

Back before the discovery of the outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn were the two furthest planets anyone knew about, and their 20 year cycle was watched closely for the social and political changes it heralded.

Now that we have Saturn in opposition to Uranus, who is about to square Pluto, the cycle of Jupiter and Saturn might seem as exciting as Pacman is to today’s video games. But this cycle might catch our attention a bit more if we recognized some of it’s more concrete manifestations.

Because it is a 20 year cycle and has been falling on the decade line for some time, it has also contributed to the sense that the 60s were different from the 70s... or the 20s were different from the 30s. Social trends have seemed to hinge right on the “0” years for some time (although that is obviously very complex).

The latest cycle began on May 28, 2000. That was right around the time the Dot Com bubble burst and the high-rolling 90s came to an end. We all put out our cigars and put away our top hats, recognizing we might not be such investment geniuses after all.

The Euro was introduced around this time. Actually, the Euro became an electronic currency on January 1, 1999, at the closing semi-sextile of the cycle, and paper currency was introduced on January 1, 2002, at the opening semi-sextile. Thus, the midpoint in time of these two Euro landmarks was the 2000 conjunction.

For most of the past decade, the Euro has been gaining on the dollar as the international reserve currency. The history of the Euro is interesting, and extends back at least to the formation of the European Common Market, although it was really first put into motion in 1992. Germany, whose Deutsche Mark was a strong currency in its own right, pushed for the Euro after reunification of East and West Germany made economic ties seem more appealing.

Now, at the opposition, or peak of the cycle, the Euro is in crisis. The PIGS (Portugal, Greece, Spain... and no one seems sure... Ireland, Italy? Lots of “I” countries are in trouble) are pulling down the value of the currency, which dropped to 2004 levels on the news of the economic crisis in Greece (the Euro is still strong against the dollar compared with it’s rate at introduction).

As we work through this peak in the Jupiter-Saturn cycle through March of 2011, we are likely to see the Euro severely tested as an international currency. Clearly, the honeymoon period (and it was a rough one, all in all) is over. Jupiter and Saturn represent inflation and recession, respectively, and at present everyone is concerned about these two economic scenarios.

There are other social manifestations of Jupiter-Saturn, and these may get more airplay than economics as the opposition moves from Virgo-Pisces to Libra-Aries for the next two rounds. Still, the Aries energy (supported by Uranus and the remaining Saturn-Uranus opposition) may have some countries questioning their participation in the Euro.

Armand Diaz

Monday, May 17, 2010

Memorial Day Boxing Match: Saturn vs. Uranus, Neptune & Pluto!

The eclipse season which would normally begin two weeks before the lunar eclipse of June 26th gets a head start on Memorial Day weekend 2010. On Friday, May 28 Uranus enters 0° Aries coinciding with a full moon in Sagittarius, on Sunday, May 30 Saturn stations direct in the last degrees of Virgo while Pluto conjuncts the upcoming June 26th lunar eclipse degree of 4.46 Capricorn and on Monday May 31 Neptune stations retrograde in the final degrees of Aquarius. Quite a lot of activity but what does it all mean? Well we might not know right away but we should get glimpses of the stage being set. Saturn wants to keep us in line and protect our boundaries and material reality. The three outer planets could care less about Saturn’s status quo and will be looking to force us into change. Perhaps Saturn inconjunct Neptune hastens the clean up of the gulf coast oil spill or maybe we finally realize just how bad the oil leak really is and how much processing and clean up is required. Uranus, the most chaotic of the outer planets moving into the most cardinal, aggressively oriented sign of the bunch on the world axis may shock our leaders into taking action on a global level and Pluto at the eclipse degree just intensifies the fight. Jupiter joins Uranus at 0° Aries on June 6 and just makes things bigger but not necessarily better. So who wins this astrological boxing match? Well with the big three ganging up on Saturn I don’t think he stands a chance so look for more and more structures in the world collapsing, falling apart or at the very least in dire need of radical transformation in the style represented by Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Aside from the oil spill in the gulf let’s keep an eye out on volcanic eruptions and earthquakes especially in Iceland as well as further disruption in air travel. And of course global economies continue to be on a precipice. Look in what areas of life this planetary action occurs in your chart and see how what’s happening globally is mirrored personally in your own life. Issues from the collective unconscious need to be acknowledged whether we like it or not. Mother Nature is telling us to pay attention to what lies beyond our material reality as we have structured it up to this point and we must look deeper into our personal unconscious as well. Saturn is in for a long hard fight but he does enter his exaltation sign of Libra shortly so he will mightily try to balance the natural order of things. No need for doomsday fear but observe, watch and be part of the adventure.

Joseph Addeo

The Horoscope of Iceland

A glance at the chart of Iceland makes obvious why we have not seen the last of volcanic ash coming from there.

According to Nicholas Campion's "The Book of World Horoscopes," the most respected book on the topic, Iceland's birth data is given as June 17, 1944, 2 P.M. (-2), Reykjavik, Iceland, 21 W 51, 64 N 51.

As for the indications of recent events....pick something!

The MC is 3 Cancer 32 and the Ascendant is 2 Libra 13 with Neptune at 1 Libra 28.

The Sun is 26 Gemini 33 and the Saturn is 29 Gemini 39.

Mars and Jupiter are in Leo at 15 13 and 22 53, respectively.

These degrees are so "hot" in the coming months, no pun intended, so let's see what happens next.

John Marchesella

Monday, May 10, 2010

Barbara Walters Announces Upcoming Surgery

Earlier today Barbara Walters announced that she is having a heart valve replaced later this week.

Interestingly she has had Saturn going over her Sun (1 degree Libra) and Ascendant (4 degrees Libra)-as of November of 2009. Also Saturn squared her Moon last fall and Pluto squares her Sun and Asc this year.

In 2011 her progressed Sun will be conjunct her natal Saturn, and her progressed Saturn squares her Sun.

I imagine this will be a very trying time period for her.

Lawrence Grecco

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Retrograde Mercury in Taurus: Recurring Cycle for Goldman Sachs & Global Financial Crises

An inferior conjunction of retrograde Mercury and the Sun will occur this week, beginning a new 128-day synodic cycle. Taking place in the middle of the retrograde Mercury period, the Winged Messenger transitions from the Epimethean Evening Star (setting after the Sun) to the Promethean Morning Star (rising ahead of the Sun). Casting this horoscope for the nation’s capital, the rising degree is exactly conjunct President Obama’s natal Sun.

See the rest of this article HERE

Monday, April 26, 2010

As soon as I heard the sad news about rock star and reality TV celebrity, Bret Michaels, having a massive brain hemorrhage, I instantly thought, "Something Mars, maybe Aries." My second thought was, "No, with all those hats and headscarves, that must be the crown of Leo!"

So, a quick jump from Wikipedia, where his birth date is given as March 15, 1963, to the ephemeris, and we see, of course, he's a Pisces with a Moon in Scorpio. Then, there it was....Mars in Leo on the day of its direct station, which emphasizes the activity of a natal planet! Furthermore, transiting Mars, of course, has been moving over the conjunction to this natal Mars in the last few months of its retrograde movement, probably setting the stage for the occurrence.

With a natal Sun-Jupiter conjunction in Pisces, Michaels must be a lucky guy, and with transiting Jupiter moving over those planets now while he is in emergency care, Providence with him. So, we wish him a healthy recovery.

John Marchesella

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Saturn opposite Uranus: April 26, 2010

We are approaching the 4th Saturn/Uranus opposition in the sky on April 26. It’s time to once again take stock and see how these two planets are trying to raise our consciousness. Saturn is the builder. He wants to keep structures firm and strong. He tests, depending on what house he currently transits, areas of our lives where we need to learn lessons. Some lessons are painful and others are more satisfying depending on whether you’ve been doing your homework or not. His job is to keep the status quo through effort, hard work and discipline. Uranus on the other hand asks where we need to divorce from Saturn’s confining nature and reach out and try things in an unconventional way by taking risks and breaking past the chains that Saturn so firmly wants to hold on to. Uranus wants enlightenment. So by house look at where these two giant energies are falling and see in what area of life you need to get serious by working hard and exerting effort in order to get a payoff in the material world (Saturn) and in the other area where Uranus is sojourning look towards the future and new opportunities that are calling and beckoning you to be more adventurous, free, rebellious and forward seeking. Uranus demands a break from the status quo. The secret is to combine these two diverse energies so that you don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. It is a balancing act to see where we must keep the old forms and make them stronger and where the old forms can welcome new innovative ideas that eventually make a new foundation in our life. And of course don’t forget to see what planets are being aspected by this transiting energy. One more thing, since this opposition is again at the end of the mutable signs we must be processing mentally by thinking and planning what it is we want our reality and future to be. So do your homework and trace back over the past few years beginning on 11/4/08, 2/5/09, 9/15/09 and now 4/26/10. These are the planning stages and while things have definitely been active, especially if you have planets at the late mutable degrees, the action really fires up as we approach 7/26/10; the final opposition of Saturn and Uranus at 0° Aries/Libra smack on the cardinal axis. Have fun!

Joseph Addeo

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Friday, April 2, 2010

Pluto Stations Retrograde on April 6

As Pluto stations retrograde it’s time to resuscitate issues that we thought have been long dead and buried. Honor the past by paying respect to those people, emotions, feelings and thoughts that get under your skin in a relentless and unconscious way. Perhaps we may view these things in a negative light but Pluto demands we get conscious about our addictions, obsessions and paranoia by transcending and transforming them into something greater, more within our conscious control rather than left in the recesses of our memory where it controls us. Or perhaps it really is time to purge and kill things off in one final death blow. It’s all about emotional processing so dive into the abyss and don’t be afraid to face the dark side and come out the other end even stronger. Expressing negativity is much healthier then suppressing it – just find trusting people and environments.

Joseph Addeo

Friday, March 19, 2010

Saturn in Libra

The Spring 2010 Ingress is all about SATURN IN LIBRA with articles by John Marchesella, Faith McInerney, Elissa Serrano and Annabel Gat.

Saturn goes back into Virgo on April 7, stations on May 30 and then enters Libra completely on July 21.

In our issue, Faith McInerney talks about past expressions of Saturn in Libra, especially regarding marriage and relationships.

John Marchesella further explains the situation by examining past Saturn-in-Libra events. Read John's complete article here

Elissa Serrano shares the wisdom of Martha Graham who was a famous Saturn-in-Libra person.

And Annabel Gat discusses Saturn in Libra in the context of its current square to Pluto and the profound psychological questions it raises for people.

If you are a NY chapter member of NCGR, you should be receiving your copy in the mail any day.

If you are not a member, you can purchase a copy for $5.00. Email for more information.

Pluto Problems Got You Perplexed?

Here's What Helps...

Check out DONNA CUNNINGHAM'S International Astrology Day blogathon with articles by NCGR-NYC members.

"What to Tell Astrology Clients about Pluto in Capricorn" by John Marchesella

"Dealing with Transiting Pluto on the Angles" by Lawrence Grecco

See the articles HERE

Thursday, March 18, 2010

It Must Be Getting Better! They Said So On TV

Oh, sure. The Economy is getting better. The recession is just about over. People are starting to buy. Everything is loosening up. Even real estate is showing signs of recovery. Yes, it’s all true. This is happening
on the Planet ZORCAN maybe.

So then, a little nervous are we these days, huh? Even bordering on totally insane? Finding yourself plop into the middle of a complicated enmeshment you can’t pull out of? Feel sometimes as if you’ve made so many stupid mistakes the only way out is through the window? Although it may not seem possible at moments, you actually can straighten everything out--if you give yourself time and provided you can bear the pain of change. It’s a matter of faith and trust, followed by swift action.

Just think about your life right now. Are you or are you not making choices that will affect your future for a long time to come, even though you may feel squeezed into doing so? Collectively as a society as well, it is becoming clear that the old way doesn’t work any more. Talk about a new paradigm. This is something history will remember as a turning point in human social evolution.

As astrologers our observations are based on charts and graphs describing the movements of planets and stars, but when you think about it, listening to astrologers is no crazier than depending on the notions that economists come up with through their more-often-than-not erroneous computer models and economic projections. You simply have to have some respect for the accuracy of astrologers and how we make hypotheses and predictions.

Astrologically, never before in our lifetime have three outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto reached the last quadrant of the Zodiac and formed this configuration at the same period in time. So it’s a big deal. Something is over, but certainly not the end of the world. And despite the beliefs of many, there WILL be a 2013. When we see Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto squaring and opposing the United States Venus and Jupiter over the next couple of years, we know there has got to be a greater stress on the American resources and the value of the dollar.

Uranus at the end of the Zodiac? Think Good Friday (the first one) around noon and you’ll get the picture.

We have to be hip to what planets are doing, how they will affect mood and attitude, what is likely to happen to the economy and real estate and stock. Most important, however, we need to figure out what’s happening for ourselves individually as well, how to regroup, recoup and reinvent ourselves even during a period when we may think all hope is lost.
It isn’t.
And ever new beginning has to follow an ending. And every dawn has to follow night.
So stay tuned.
Michael Lutin

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


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