Sunday, June 6, 2010

Annual Spring Education Conference

Our Annual Spring Education Conference (held yesterday at F.I.T. in NYC) was a great success. Karen Hamaker-Zondag's topic was Rhythms of Love: The Astrology of Relationships

When do things happen in a relationship, what is actually happening, and why does it happen? How do our relationships change as we change as individuals? The answers are in our transits, secondary progressions and psychological projections in the natal horoscope, in synastry and in the composite chart. And there is much more about love and relationships than just Venus and the 7th house. We will also look at the hidden factors of the 12th house in relationships. Examples include romantic love, familial relationships and friendships.

The NCGR-NYC Board of Directors thanks all of our Associate Members who helped everything to run so smoothly. Your efforts are very much appreciated.

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