Friday, August 13, 2010

Uranus and Television

An outer planet leaving one sign and entering a new one heralds a turning point; usually endings in the sign the planet is leaving and beginnings in the sign of its entry. Uranus rules television, right! The hit TV show while this planet was in Aquarius from 1995 to 2004 was FRIENDS. Friends is a prominent keyword most associated with the sign of Aquarius. It is interesting to note that the breakout star from that show is Jennifer Aniston, herself a charming Aquarian. The sign after Aquarius is Pisces which rules music and idols.

Think of the mythological association of this sign to Dionysus being worshipped like a rock star. So the big hit TV show from roughly 2004 till now has been AMERICAN IDOL which captures all the glamour, imagination, musical themes and idolatry of Pisces. As Uranus entered Aries there were major changes to the cast of this show with Paula Abdul leaving then Simon Cowell. Uranus seemed to be saying it’s over for AMERICAN IDOL and we need a new beginning as he hurls himself into Aries. So they introduced Ellen Degeneres as a judge and that turned out not to be a good move. After all she’s an Aquarius and her democratic touch of showing equality and impartiality to all the contestants is not what that show requires. Currently with Uranus retrograding out of Aries back into Pisces they will again re-tool Idol. Ellen is gone and there’s talk about Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler, Justin Timberlake or even Elton John as possible replacements to rejuvenate the show. I wouldn’t go with Mr. John if they’re looking to capture a younger audience!

Let’s see what happens imminently as Uranus retrogrades back into Pisces. Possibly the show will have a surge in last minute popularity as Uranus rallies in the last degrees of Pisces but I’m sure it will be short lived. AMERICAN IDOL has had its day and with Uranus’ entry into Aries for good in March 2011 there will be a new show to dominate the ratings as represented by the sign Aries. Will war shows make a comeback? Something with violence, blood and guts. It will definitely be something pioneering, with a vision and full of bravery and valor.

I just took a glance at where Uranus was placed during the reign of I LOVE LUCY in the 1950s. Where else but in Cancer the sign of domesticity and the home and this show was the template for all home based, situation comedies to come thereafter. And by the way, Lucy had Cancer rising!

Joseph Addeo

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  1. How about monster truck rallies (sigh)... NASCAR... more shows about cutthroat Wall Streeters or The Apprentice redux... war shows, as you suggest... or maybe sports programming will surge to a new height of domination. (I would prefer the latter - at least sports can portray the honest pursuit of excellence.)

    Kathleen Goodyear