Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"The Ingress" Autumn 2010: Astrology and Location

Our autumn newsletter ("The Ingress") is focused on the topic of ASTROLOGY AND LOCATION and includes articles by four local astrologers:

The classic book on this topic is "The Psychology of Astro*carto*graphy" by Jim Lewis and Kenneth Irving. Ken is a member of the NY Chapter of NCGR and kindly contributed an excerpt from the book (which is being reissued this fall) called "Winds of Neptune, Fires of Mars". You can read his article online here:

John Marchesella also wrote "Exercises in Relocation Astrology", presenting some classic relocation cases and emphasizing the importance of relocated angles.

Kathleen Goodyear contributed "Local Space and Astromapping: A Fresh Look" in which she explains about local space lines and the Azimuthal houses they set up depending on your location.

Finally, Lawrence Grecco presented a Zen argument against relocating for your birthday in "Stay Put on Your Birthday."

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Stephen Fleming
Editor, The Ingress

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