Friday, March 4, 2011


Charlie’s Solar Arcs

by John Marchesella

In the last few drops of Uranus in Pisces, Charlie Sheen is having his own personal mid-East revolution. And truth be told, who’s not?

A quick glance at his chart shows the media blitz on his crisis as Bad Boy as well as the wannabee Good Father as represented by the most recent Lunar Eclipse on his Jupiter in Gemini and the transiting square from Uranus. That makes for an awful lot of press coverage!

Progressed Mercury, all-important as the ruler of his natal chart as well as the media god, is leaving the conjunction with warring Mars! Progressed Mars and Venus are leaving the square to the natal Sun too. All of these significators in addition to his natal Gemini Ascendant explain the duality of the crisis at work and in love.

Although these indications are certainly potent enough to symbolize his predicament, they don’t seem so potent as to indicate such a relentless stir of drama. So, where might the culprit be? The oft-overlooked 45 degree Solar Arc, which turns every natal position into a hard aspect, making for a tremendous release of energy and creating THE turning point in each individual life. Or, as Bill Clinton said, “The moment when I realized I had more yesterday’s than tomorrow’s.”

It’s a sure-shot tool for accurate forecasting and it’s one that happens for each of us in our mid-40’s, making for the peak experience in the mid-life crisis, amidst the swirl of so many other generational transits and progressions.

The first rule of predictive astrology, however, is to understand the natal potential. And as for Sheen’s natal potential for addiction problems and this life crisis, well, pick something: Saturn in Pisces as the handle of a bucket chart, (plus it is the only retrograde planet which gives it more singled-out attention), the Sun’s configuration with Saturn, Uranus and Pluto has it serve as a sort of channel for such powerful forces, Mars in Scorpio widely conjoined with Neptune, the Moon on the 8th house cusp and its placement in the indulgent Sagittarius and opposite the excessive Jupiter.

The 45-degree Solar Arc is also cyclical, related to the Solar Arc of 22.5. So, if we did some research on Sheen, we might see in his early 20’s the seed planted for his current situation, which, in turn, is the preview for events of his mid-60’s. But that’s a research project for another day.

Birth data: Charlie Sheen, September 3, 1965, 10:48 PM EDT, New York, NY

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