Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sex and the Void of Course Moon by Joseph Addeo

With all the outer planets in early degrees of the signs there is an unusual amount of time when the moon is void these days which makes maneuvering this cosmic maze rather tricky when trying to figure out appropriate times to take action or not. Today a client asked me, “Should I not have sex while the void is in progress?” Well, I wouldn’t go that far, and for that matter you can do anything you want on a void moon it’s just a matter of degree. As most of you know a void moon is not ideal for doing anything that requires a major decision, like courting a new business client, or for making a large purchase, like buying a new car or commencing a life altering change like a new job, obtaining a mortgage on a home or getting married. You get the idea. If you go food shopping on a void moon chances are the milk will be sour or the cashier over charges you or something inconsequential like that. The same logic applies when it comes to sex (so using whip cream during sex on a void moon just might make it curdle)!

Seriously, if the moon is void all day and you want to have sex with your spouse, partner or regular sex buddy then by all means go ahead, it will most likely be a very pleasant experience. If you’re out and meet someone for a one night stand that potentially could be fun as well. But if you want the one night stand to develop into a more meaningful relationship chances are the hook up won’t amount to anything. Sex may be great but intimacy will not develop and if it does there would be many obstacles towards achieving the desired intimacy. Let’s take it a step further. If you and your partner decide to experiment with some new sexual experience for the first time (use your imagination) then I wouldn’t recommend that either. Initiating an unexplored sexual activity is best left for when the moon is connecting by aspect to the other planets and the flow of energy is on your side otherwise you won’t benefit from the new experience in the way you would like. That’s not to say you will necessarily enjoy the new activity but trying it out on the void moon is almost a guarantee that it won’t go according to plan so why not give you and your partner every opportunity for success by waiting for the moon to be relating to the other planets so that your chances of relating succeed.

Sex is one of the greatest joys in life and as that great sexual negotiator, Joan Crawford, famously said, “I need sex for a clear complexion but I’d rather do it for love”. After all she has Scorpio rising with Mars in Libra in the 11th (that clear complexion) and Pluto in Gemini in the 8th (the passion of intimacy). So the next time when having sex on the void moon think of it as good for a clear complexion but not for furthering passion, love and romance.

Joseph Addeo

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