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John Marchesella

When Celine Dion sang “My Heart Will Go On,” she might as well as have sung about how “Titanic,” the movie from which the song comes, went on and on and on, and with Neptune’s ingress into Pisces, it’s going on again in 3D!

The film originally opened on December 19, 1997, after scandalous delays and even more scandalous amounts of money spent on it – the most expensive film in history up to that time, in fact, but it did take not take long for it to catch the wave to popular success and not a little critical success. It won a record-breaking number of industry awards and was the first movie to break the billion-dollar mark – the most profitable film in history up to that time too.

Those with good memories will recall that it ran and ran in movie theatres, and when it was finally done there, it was plugged and plugged for DVD sales. And when that was done, the song was promoted and promoted until it won four Grammy Awards in 1999, over a year after the film’s release! “Titanic” would just not go away.

Of course, the story of the actual Titanic has always been a romantic fascination in the Zeitgeist, but what made this version of the story plug in so deeply to the collective? Here are a few astrological indications.

In December 1997, Neptune, Lord of the Oceans, was moving in the final degrees of Capricorn, and by the time the movie studios could say “ca’ching,” He sailed into Aquarius. True, Capricorn hardly has anything to do with film or ships (although it does represent icebergs), but Aquarius does have a good deal to do with technology, and the “Titatnic” was noted for its advancement in cinematic techniques.

Jupiter was in the final stage of Aquarius, and again, a few weeks later, while the Academy Award ballots were being counted, He moved into Pisces, obviously, not “Mutiny on the Bounty,” but bounty for the “Titanic.”

The eclipses shifted into Pisces in the months prior to the premiere, and held their effect in that sign for the entire time that the film, the DVD, the song, the Oscars, and finally, the Grammy’s for the song remained afloat in the collective consciousness in early 1999!

The South Node was transiting through Pisces through most of this time too, obviously, drawing out the theme of the sea.

And one last indication of a connection with the collective is an unlikely one. Saturn, one of the last of the Titans, (no pun intended), was stationary at 13 Aries 32 in the week of the premiere. So, perhaps Saturn, as one Titan, gave his blessing to the movie, which would become another Titan of sorts, in the form of enduring success.

This station of Saturn is more revealing when compared to the moment of the ship’s collision with the iceberg. The IC of that chart is 13 Aries 02. Talk about hitting bottom!

Other comparisons include transiting Neptune at the time of the premiere was square the Sun in the collision chart within a degree and the premiere took place at the time of Uranus’s return in the collision chart.

If we look at the chart of the Titanic’s leave-taking from Southampton, we see the IC is 22 Libra 10, just where Saturn is passing these days, and in fact, stationing in this summer, 2012!

Although the 3D version of “Titanic” is being released in April to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the ship’s sail, I expect, by summer 2012, the movie will be muscling out the summer blockbusters and refusing to go down from the screens again.

What better way to celebrate Neptune’s maiden voyage in Pisces (at least, in our consciousness) than with a movie that raises ghosts from its first run as well as from a sunken legend!

These charts for the key events of the Titanic can be found on AstroDataBank. It’s worth a look at them. Since its anniversary is coinciding with Neptune’s ingress into Pisces, we sure to be hearing a good deal about the Titan this year.

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