Sunday, May 23, 2010

Little Orphan Annie Goes to the Poor House

It was announced by the Chicago Tribune on May 13th that the cartoon column, "Little Orphan Annie," will be coming to an end on June 13, 2010. Talk about Pluto in Capricorn ending our American institutions!

The column began on August 5, 1924, with a Sun-Neptune conjunction in Leo in trine to Jupiter in Sagittarius. That just about sums up the story of this poor little rich girl as well as a long and mighty run for the cartoon strip.

The current Saturn-Pluto square, not to mention the upcoming Lunar Eclipse at 4 Capricorn, is doing a number to little Annie's natal Venus at 4 Cancer. Furthermore, transiting Saturn is in the balsamic phase to natal Saturn, indicating a time of closure.

Interesting that "Annie" came to Broadway's musical stage on April, 1977, when a transiting square between Saturn and Uranus was aspecting her Sun, and transiting Pluto was in square to her natal Pluto along with a Solar Eclipse in Libra....just going to show that even cartoon characters have their transits!

By the way, Andrea McArdle, the actress who portrayed Annie in the musical, who was born on November 5, 1963, also has a Sun-Neptune conjunction, but in Scorpio, in exact square to little Annie's aspect. The actress also has Jupiter in Aries, which closely forms a Grand Trine with Annie's fire planets. 'Guess it goes to show actors and their characters (even fictitious ones) have their synastry too!

Well, in the coming year, Uranus will transit that natal Venus in a square, so let's see what re-awakening lies ahead for little Annie. Maybe a revival of the Broadway musical in 2011? If so, you heard it here first!

John Marchesella

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