Monday, May 17, 2010

Memorial Day Boxing Match: Saturn vs. Uranus, Neptune & Pluto!

The eclipse season which would normally begin two weeks before the lunar eclipse of June 26th gets a head start on Memorial Day weekend 2010. On Friday, May 28 Uranus enters 0° Aries coinciding with a full moon in Sagittarius, on Sunday, May 30 Saturn stations direct in the last degrees of Virgo while Pluto conjuncts the upcoming June 26th lunar eclipse degree of 4.46 Capricorn and on Monday May 31 Neptune stations retrograde in the final degrees of Aquarius. Quite a lot of activity but what does it all mean? Well we might not know right away but we should get glimpses of the stage being set. Saturn wants to keep us in line and protect our boundaries and material reality. The three outer planets could care less about Saturn’s status quo and will be looking to force us into change. Perhaps Saturn inconjunct Neptune hastens the clean up of the gulf coast oil spill or maybe we finally realize just how bad the oil leak really is and how much processing and clean up is required. Uranus, the most chaotic of the outer planets moving into the most cardinal, aggressively oriented sign of the bunch on the world axis may shock our leaders into taking action on a global level and Pluto at the eclipse degree just intensifies the fight. Jupiter joins Uranus at 0° Aries on June 6 and just makes things bigger but not necessarily better. So who wins this astrological boxing match? Well with the big three ganging up on Saturn I don’t think he stands a chance so look for more and more structures in the world collapsing, falling apart or at the very least in dire need of radical transformation in the style represented by Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Aside from the oil spill in the gulf let’s keep an eye out on volcanic eruptions and earthquakes especially in Iceland as well as further disruption in air travel. And of course global economies continue to be on a precipice. Look in what areas of life this planetary action occurs in your chart and see how what’s happening globally is mirrored personally in your own life. Issues from the collective unconscious need to be acknowledged whether we like it or not. Mother Nature is telling us to pay attention to what lies beyond our material reality as we have structured it up to this point and we must look deeper into our personal unconscious as well. Saturn is in for a long hard fight but he does enter his exaltation sign of Libra shortly so he will mightily try to balance the natural order of things. No need for doomsday fear but observe, watch and be part of the adventure.

Joseph Addeo

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