Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snowiest January EVER!

It’s official. New York City had its snowiest January on record EVER breaking the old record from 1925! Another huge snow storm arrived with a one-two punch on Wednesday, January 26 dumping a total of 19” of snow in Central Park and elsewhere in the northeast with comparable totals – twice the amount the National Weather Service forecast. Why is this happening now? Well, the culprit is Saturn, Saturn and Saturn! The weather people didn’t predict this one right because they are not familiar with our wise old friend Saturn. They were all saying it would only bring 6 to 10 inches of snow and that it would hit quickly and be out of here. On a Saturn station storms stall and slow down. Again, as in the blizzard of Christmas 2010 we had high winds, thunder snow and lightning. The morning of the 26th found the city blanketed with 4” of snow when all predictions said it would be a light dusting early in the day with intensification overnight. Well, the first part of the storm lingered and was much stronger than predicted followed by the second, more intense, wallop overnight which once again crippled the northeast. Nothing is easy on a Saturn station. Think of words like serious, crippling, stalled, stuck, station, struggle, delay, challenge, work, slow down and paralysis. Yes, Saturn is living up to its reputation of bringing people and places to their knees. This storm happened on Mercury’s day while Mercury was at 17° Capricorn ruled by Saturn stationing retrograde in its exaltation sign of Libra at 17° not far off from squaring the solar eclipse degree of January 4 at 14° Capricorn. Now as Saturn retrogrades for the remainder of the winter closer and closer to the eclipse degree I can only foresee a cold, bleak, bitter and frigid winter continuing. Plan ahead!

Joseph Addeo

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