Thursday, March 18, 2010

It Must Be Getting Better! They Said So On TV

Oh, sure. The Economy is getting better. The recession is just about over. People are starting to buy. Everything is loosening up. Even real estate is showing signs of recovery. Yes, it’s all true. This is happening
on the Planet ZORCAN maybe.

So then, a little nervous are we these days, huh? Even bordering on totally insane? Finding yourself plop into the middle of a complicated enmeshment you can’t pull out of? Feel sometimes as if you’ve made so many stupid mistakes the only way out is through the window? Although it may not seem possible at moments, you actually can straighten everything out--if you give yourself time and provided you can bear the pain of change. It’s a matter of faith and trust, followed by swift action.

Just think about your life right now. Are you or are you not making choices that will affect your future for a long time to come, even though you may feel squeezed into doing so? Collectively as a society as well, it is becoming clear that the old way doesn’t work any more. Talk about a new paradigm. This is something history will remember as a turning point in human social evolution.

As astrologers our observations are based on charts and graphs describing the movements of planets and stars, but when you think about it, listening to astrologers is no crazier than depending on the notions that economists come up with through their more-often-than-not erroneous computer models and economic projections. You simply have to have some respect for the accuracy of astrologers and how we make hypotheses and predictions.

Astrologically, never before in our lifetime have three outer planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto reached the last quadrant of the Zodiac and formed this configuration at the same period in time. So it’s a big deal. Something is over, but certainly not the end of the world. And despite the beliefs of many, there WILL be a 2013. When we see Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto squaring and opposing the United States Venus and Jupiter over the next couple of years, we know there has got to be a greater stress on the American resources and the value of the dollar.

Uranus at the end of the Zodiac? Think Good Friday (the first one) around noon and you’ll get the picture.

We have to be hip to what planets are doing, how they will affect mood and attitude, what is likely to happen to the economy and real estate and stock. Most important, however, we need to figure out what’s happening for ourselves individually as well, how to regroup, recoup and reinvent ourselves even during a period when we may think all hope is lost.
It isn’t.
And ever new beginning has to follow an ending. And every dawn has to follow night.
So stay tuned.
Michael Lutin

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