Friday, March 19, 2010

Saturn in Libra

The Spring 2010 Ingress is all about SATURN IN LIBRA with articles by John Marchesella, Faith McInerney, Elissa Serrano and Annabel Gat.

Saturn goes back into Virgo on April 7, stations on May 30 and then enters Libra completely on July 21.

In our issue, Faith McInerney talks about past expressions of Saturn in Libra, especially regarding marriage and relationships.

John Marchesella further explains the situation by examining past Saturn-in-Libra events. Read John's complete article here

Elissa Serrano shares the wisdom of Martha Graham who was a famous Saturn-in-Libra person.

And Annabel Gat discusses Saturn in Libra in the context of its current square to Pluto and the profound psychological questions it raises for people.

If you are a NY chapter member of NCGR, you should be receiving your copy in the mail any day.

If you are not a member, you can purchase a copy for $5.00. Email for more information.

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