Friday, March 19, 2010

Pluto Problems Got You Perplexed?

Here's What Helps...

Check out DONNA CUNNINGHAM'S International Astrology Day blogathon with articles by NCGR-NYC members.

"What to Tell Astrology Clients about Pluto in Capricorn" by John Marchesella

"Dealing with Transiting Pluto on the Angles" by Lawrence Grecco

See the articles HERE

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  1. Greetings from a former NY-NCGR long-time member. In my heart I'm still a member, and miss the depth of astrological savvy of your group.

    Thanks so much for mentioning the International Astrology Day Blogathon and the collections of articles on transits from Pluto, Saturn, and Uranus. It is meant to be a permanent online resource for people who are struggling with the effects of the t-square in their personal lives. The link to the collection is

    The Articles by Lawrence Grecco and John Marchesella are way up at the top of the page hits. We also have an article by New Yorkers,
    Stefanie Iris Weiss and Sherene Schostak,
    King Saturn and the Archetype of the Father, don't know if they're members or not, but it's a great article.

    My best regards to you all. Donna Cunningham of Skywriter.